Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day +18

Well we finally got my nose to stop bleeding.They want me to stop getting fed with the TPN. So when they unhook me tonight, they won't be putting it back on. They want to see how I handle food on my own without any meds. So sometime in the next few days I have to get Diabetic education so I can do my own insulin shots when I get out. The doctor said that they are hoping on on sending me home by this weekend.

Today is Rick and my anniversary, we've been married for fourteen years. Um... it's safe to assume that I didn't realize that I was still going to be in the hospital, for the big day.

I have been in and out of it all day, so needless to say each and every time I was holding a glass of water I fell asleep, and only woke up when I felt the water dumping out all of me. The nurses were not mad because they had to keep changing the bedding, but instead they found it very funny. Mary my nurse for today took my blood pressure and when she went to tear the cuff off of me I about jumped out of my skin, because I had already fallen asleep sitting straight up.

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MARIE said...

Here's to a weekend at home. I hope the food transition goes well. My nurses and techs loved it when I was zonked on the dalauden (sp) - synthetic morphine. I was sloppy, my husband was always apologizing and trying to avert any mishaps and I just didn't give a fig. The nurses would ask me the same questions repeatedly because they kept getting long pauses, heavy thinking and different answers each time. It was like I was their own little sitcom.
Heavy narcs do wonders to boost my mood at least at the time.
Happy anniversary and here's to a zillion more AT HOME!