Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day +15

Last night I was up almost all night for, you guessed it a bloody nose. We finally got it under control in time for Rick to visit, then he left to go pick up Ricky and Breanna. Not too long after that my bloody nose was back. (They gave me platelets at 5am) within a few hours it was back under control.

I called mom to see how the kids were last night. She said that they were fine, but they were still there, and my husband was asleep on her couch. Around 1:30 I called her again and she said that Rick was still asleep. I had her to wake him up so that I could talk to him. He finally got up and then he text me a picture of Ricky and Breanna with their new bunny. I called him back to see if it was a real rabbit or not. My mom and her husband got them a rabbit for Easter. I told her that they couldn't bring it home, that's one of the instructions they gave me about coming home. We cannot have a new animal for a year. She said that she knew that, and they were going to keep it at their house for the kids.

After that phone call I was lying down, I sat up and my nose started gushing blood again. This time it wouldn't stop. They had to use a suction tube to get the blood from the back of my throat. About two hours later I was throwing up straight blood. The nurse called the Doctor on call, and they gave me a second bag of platelets, and packed both sides of my nose. FINALLY about 1 1/2 hours later we got the bleeding to stop. I'm so exhausted.

The good news is my White Blood Cell count if finally starting to come up it's 3.1 today, and I was just given my last neuprogen shot. The doctor said that I need to start working on getting solid foods down so that they can get off of this TPN. Because it looks like next weekend I'll be going home. According to the doctor, platelets are the last count to come back up. When I first go home I'll have to come back up to the BMT unit so they can give me platelets, and red blood cells as needed.


Anonymous said...

wow - next week! you must be thrilled. i hope the bloody noses stop - is this commom with BMTs? here's to a peaceful night...

Susan C said...

So glad to hear that your WBCs are up to a respectable level.

I hope the platelets catch on quickly.

The Mama Monkey said...

Oh my goodness. You have had more than your fair share of bloody noses! I hope they stop soon!!

hockeychic said...

I'm glad it sounds like you can go home soon! I hope they get the bloody noses under control, that sounds horrible.

Hang in there. Thinking of you.