Friday, April 03, 2009

Day +14

I had a rough night last night, I had a nose bleed ALL night long. Actually it still has not stopped, but they have already given me platelets, and I'm currently receiving one of two bags of blood.

A friend of mine stopped by last night (Stacy) we used to work together. She brought my Christmas present that she had never gotten around to giving me, a really nice scarf, two hats, and a pair of gloves. At least I won't have to buy any new ones this fall. She also brought me a People magazine (YEAH) although I have to read it in segments, most of the time I can't keep my eyes open long enough to read anything.

The nurses just told me that my white blood cells are coming up nicely so I only have to take the Neuprogen shots for two more days!! I can't wait those shots hurt so bad, I dread taking them.

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Anonymous said...

I like to read your Blog, even though I call you often and like to here it first hand. I wish I could come visit you. I would stay until you ran me out, and then some. Love ya - Ange