Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day +13

Finally: My counts have finally started to come up. Until last Friday my white blood cell count was <.2, Saturday it went up to .4, Sunday and Monday it went back down to <.2, Tuesday it was .2, Wednesday it reached.4 again, and today I have 1.0. Which means I have 1000 white blood cell counts. I have to have 2000 several days in a row before they let me go home.

The rest of the counts are:
Red blood cells - 8.0 (when it gets under 8 I have to have a Blood Transfusion.
Platelets - 27 (I've received platelets both yesterday, and the day before)

I'm feeling much better, still having issues with bloody noses. This morning when Rick came to visit we walked the hallways twice, he had to push my I.V. pole for me because they are making me walk with a walker for now, until I get more stable when I walk. All of my doctor's and nurses commented how well I was doing. I'm making good progress according to them. Walking with a walker is a little odd, but it was much easier.

When Rick came up for his visit this morning he said that I'm starting to get some color back onto my face, even the nurses have made some comments to that effect today. Up until now I've been a gray color with red, and black circles around my eyes.

Stacy a girl that I used to work with is coming up to visit this evening. I'm pretty excited, I've not had too many visitors since I've been up here. It does get lonely.

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