Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day +9 (Ask and ye shall receive)

Wasn't it just yesterday that I said that I can't wait for the day that I can post without a complaint? Well today just happens to be that day. Last night was pretty rough, so this morning after I read my Bible and had my morning vitals taken I took a nap right off the bat. When I woke up I felt great. They won't let me eat or drink anything but water, tomorrow they will start nutrition through my I.V. Other than that today went great.

Rick came up here to visit with me a couple of hours before Holly and the kids got up here. I talked my nurse into letting me have a 7up since I had not thrown up all day. She brought me the 7up, I took one sip and it felt like my whole mouth was on fire, lips and all. I guess the mouth sores are finally here. But hey I tried.

I've not had to have an insulin shot all day (of course I'm not eating), but still no shot is no shot.

Rick brought a movie up for us to watch, The boy in the stripped pajamas. Wow, what a story. I never saw the ending coming, it was very moving. Afterwards I had Rick take me for a walk around the block so to say, it was very exhausting!!

Holly brought the kids up around 2:30 and they all stayed for awhile for a nice visit Little Ricky kept pulling his mask down to give me a kiss, and he kept coming over for long hugs... At first though all of the kids kept their distance, because my whole face is red from me rubbing it all of the time, my eyes are even puffy. But eventually they came around.

Rick told Holly (my sister) to bring the kids up to the hospital so that way he could take them home from here. She told him, "Well I don't know I'll have to check and see if that's ok." He said what do you mean? Then she finally told the truth and said that she doesn't know what to say. He said, "Holly just go up there and see her, she's happy just to get a visitor." So she finally agreed to meet him up here. Which brings up the point Rachel (my other sister) hasn't even called me these past two weeks little lone come up here to visit with me.

After they all left I took yet another nap, woke up and visited some of the blogs that I follow. So all in all a pretty good day today.


Susan C said...

It made my day to read about your good day!

Irish Eyes said...

Now we pray for even better days, and more of them! Hang in the mama, you are doing great! I am sorry you are lonely. I wish I could help pass the time.

Anonymous said...

awesome news. i hope you have many more of these days. i really needed some postive news today.


hockeychic said...

Glad to hear it has been a good day, hoping for more of those!

Ronni Gordon said...

So glad you had an easy day. Wishing you many more.