Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day +5

Ricky and Breanna's Easter Picture

I guess things really aren't going to improve much for me for a couple of weeks, according to the doctors. Rick stopped by this morning and I talked him into walking me through the hallway before he left. WOW I cannot tell you how unbelievably hard that little walk was. I had to hold onto the railings as I walked, Rick looked like he expected me to collapse at any moment. Every other move that I made he reached out like he was about to catch me. All of the nurses kept pointing out chairs for me to sit in along the way. To be honest if I had sat down I wouldn't have been able to get back up.

I did not need blood products today, but I am certain that I will need platelets tomorrow, I've had a bloody nose now for the past two hours. Not gushing but annoying. I'm still hardly able to get any food down, I must have blisters in my throat because as of this morning I can no longer swallow pills. They either put them in my IV or I have to take it in liquid form (YUCK).

I do feel a little better tonight than I did earlier today, at least that's something.

They have been giving me all of my insulin shots in my stomach, today I looked down when she was giving the shot and my whole stomach is black and blue.

I think my teenagers are having a hard time with me being in the hospital this time, they both call to check on me. Courtney always asks me how I'm doing, of course I tell her that I'm fine, then she says you don't sound fine, or you're lying. Today Holly (my sister) called and said that Courtney called her last night telling her what she thought, and had Holly call up here today to check on me.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the walk! It must have felt good to be out of the room for awhile. Can I ask how long you have to stay in the hospital?
You and your family are thought of often - prayers coming your way.


Irish Eyes said...

no update today, I am hoping you are in good spirits and are feeling OK. I am so sorry this is such a difficult time. I hope that your throat is better... big hugs.. sharon