Monday, March 30, 2009

Day +10

I'm still doing pretty good today. A few issues last night getting sick, and a nose bleed off and on all day today. Other than that I can't complain.

It's currently 8pm and my TPN (I.V. food) should be here any minute. I haven't eaten in four days, and am soooo hungry!!

My daughter Khrystyne got a tattoo this past Saturday. According to her dad it's not a small tattoo... Every time I go into the hospital those girls manage to do something to themselves that I don't necessarily approve of. First, Khrystyne and Courtney both dyed their hair black. Second, Courtney pierced her nose. Third, Courtney pierced her eyebrow. Fourth, Khrystyne got a tattoo, and of course Courtney now wants a tattoo... They manage to do all of this while I'm in the hospital. I don't know what to do with these kids... I guess Khrystyne is 18 so I don't have too much of a say, but Courtney is only 15 (almost 16). You would think she should listen to us.

Other than that I slept pretty much most of the day today so I don't have too many updates. I did want to thank everyone who has left comments for me, it really means a lot.


marie said...

Way to go getting to +10! You should be proud of your determination and hard work. It's challenging living in a body with cells dying off and engrafting at such rapid rates. Just breathing is very taxing. I recommend using a saline solution and using it to swish your mouth every couple of hours. It really cut down on the mouth sore healing time. There is also something called "magic" mouthwash that tastes terrible but you swish w/ it and swallow it to numb your mouth and throat to make it easier to eat and drink when you feel up to it. I think that the key ingredients in the mouthwash are lidocane and milk of magnesia.
Keep hanging tough!


Anonymous said...

woohoo day 2 of feeling "ok". so what is the tattoo? hey i was 41 when i got my first tat. my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my sister and i went out and each got a pink ribbon! and yes, my mom was not happy about it! hope you have another good day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear you're feeling a tiny bit better. Of course your teenagers are rebelling a bit, a way to ease the stress and worry they are undoubtedly feeling about what you're going through. "Acting out," right? And, so typical for teenagers. They still want your attention, and this is one way to try to claim it.

I hope that you'll keep feeling better!

The Mama Monkey said...

Oh my goodness...look what I have to look forward to! My oldest is 9...I am kind of dreading the teen years! I have a tattoo myself so I guess I can't really say anything. :)

So glad to hear you are hanging in there and enjoying a late night "snack" with that TPN!

If you think you might like a homemade card, go to my blog and email me your address. I can get one out to you. :) I enjoy making them for my "invisible" friends. I could also make you a could use to keep writing the words "serenity now" each time one of the girls gets a new tat or piercing! ;)

Irish Eyes said...

Of course they wait for mom to be gone to get a tatoo! Hehe! Aren't you happy to know you have two perfectly normal teenagers? :D I hope the tat is in good taste, my middle son has several. I made my oldest son promise to not get any more (after his second one) and he promised but my second son wouldn't promise! It was worth a try though.
I am glad you are doing OK. Those darned nosebleeds, I will be praying they subside and you get feeling a LOT better.
Lots of love!

All in a day said...

I have been checking in on you but have not left a message in awhile. Glad things are going better for you. Hang in there!