Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 0

Sorry it has taken so long to update, there is no computer access for patients unless you can bring a computer from home. My sister Holly brought me her laptop last night so that I can update from time to time.

I was admitted into I.U. Hospital on Friday the 13th, they took me straight down to surgery and had my double lumen placed. After that they sent me up to the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic until they had a room for me, at 6pm. So they finally got me set up, and ran blood work and got me settled in. They started chemo around 8pm, through the next morning. Then they did another round for chemo on Saturday afternoon. Sunday on the other hand was a day of rest so to say no chemo no radiation they just continually pumped me with IV fluids. My first day here I gained 9 pounds from the fluids that they were pumping through me.

Monday I had to start radiation three times a day for 48 minutes each session, that went for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well. Then about three days ago they started me on some new medications to suppress my immune system. The first night that I received the chemo cocktail it felt like a bomb exploded inside my body. My head hurt, my body ached, you name it I was feeling it.

So now we are up to day zero... My bone marrow will be here around 9 am, and then they will have to do their thing to the blood before giving it to me. So now I'm looking at transplant time around twelve, or twelve thirty today. They said that today would be pretty non eventful. Shirley from work is up here with me keeping me company until the time comes.

Rick and the kids are all doing pretty well, Rick was able to fix our van last weekend. Thank God, what a nightmare that was.

I'll try to update more after the fact, keep us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

I am thinkin of you . Good luck.
GerĂ°ur from Iceland

Susan C said...

You look absolutely stunning. The "new haircut" really shows off your fabulous cheekbones.

Happy Birthday! I'll be thinking great thoughts for you.

hockeychic said...

Thinking of you. Hope everything goes well.

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts to you, your family and all the doctors and nurses who are curing you.

Take care,

Duane said...

Happy birthday! Here's to a new, robust and cancer free immune system! :D

Thanks for reminding me about your transplant date. I'll be checking in regularly to see how you're doing.

Your courage and openness continue to amaze me. You're remarkable. Keep doing what you've done so well all along.

Sending love and best wishes your way.

Beverly said...

I've been thinking of you! Finally glad this day has come for you.

My prayers and love,

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You can do it. I am at day 23 after a stem cell transplant and feeling great. Your day will come!

marie said...

Happy Re-birthday! It is SOOO uneventful but well worth all of the build-up! Know that I'm thinking of you over here in Missouri! I'll see my local onc on Thurs. to have blood work and touch base. Keep everyone posted when you feel up to it.

Terri said...

Sending the greatest of positive thoughts your way with every ounce of my being!

Kelly Kane said...

Happy Birthday!!! Here's the making cancer your bitch and beating this beast!



Carolyn said...

I will be following your blog as you undergo treatment. God Bless You!
Carolyn0107 from SparkPeople!