Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Post from the Hospital

I was admitted on Monday but due to lack of beds it was at 6:30 pm instead of my scheduled 11am check in. At least I had that much more time to spend with my family. We decided to let the kids open their Christmas presents on Sunday night since I'm scheduled to be in the hospital until after the New Year. So they were pretty excited about that.

Yesterday morning around 7 am they took me down to have a triple lumen placed in my neck. Problem was all of the doctors were in a staff meeting, and I ended up lying on a surgery table for over two hours until the nurses could locate a doctor. When he tried to get the catheter into my neck the vein was too small. So he had to shove a spacer down the vein first to stretch it out wide enough to get the catheter into the vein. I finally got back to my room around 10:30 and I went to tie the back of my gown when I realized that it was soaked in blood. Do you think they might have noticed?? Of course my nurse walked in at the right time and I asked her for a new gown.

Then once I got settled and she came in to introduce herself; without trying to be mean, I let her know what I was, and was not going to do. She was trying to give me 5-8 pills and I made her name off everything, and what it was for. Then I let her know that I did not want any anti-psychotic medication (last time I was treated, I lost 3 weeks because they had me zonked out on meds). She probably thought I was a you-know-what, but I was irritated and I really didn’t care. Dr. Cripe’s nurse came in to see me later and I also let her know about the meds and she said that she would update my file.

They started my chemo at noon yesterday, so far so good. I was a little nauseous last night but they gave me some meds for that, and I never even got sick yesterday. Which is a big change from last time; I’m still able to function, I’m reading, filling out Christmas cards, watching T.V. and fielding phone calls from Courtney’s school letting me know that she was just suspended from school for fighting… The dean told me that if school security was on campus today she and the other girl would be on their way to girls school right now. But as it stands for now, she has a five day suspension, and if she has any other altercations this year it will lead to a more lengthy suspension or even expulsion. So I can’t even imagine how this conversation will go over with Rick later, but I’m sure it won’t be good.

Marco is scheduled to go home from the hospital next week, from what my mother tells me he is doing better.

They came in to talk to me about a bone marrow transplant, and then right after that admitting came in to tell me that my insurance was refusing because this was a pre-existing condition. So I had to call Rick and he is going through our paperwork at home to show that our insurance never lapsed. His last day was a Saturday, and that next Monday I picked up my insurance, and after 30 days with his new company he also picked up insurance. So I’m sure that I’ll be covered, but we just have to locate that paperwork. If I was at home I could have it found in five minutes, but it’s hard to relay where you think it might be to someone else… Insurance is very frustrating…

I went and had my head shaved on Friday, and later Saturday evening Ricky asked me why I was wearing a girls pirate hat?? Kid’s are cute. (He also told me that I looked like a boy)

On Sunday I was making breakfast and Breanna told me that when she grows up and has her own family, that she wants me to come over every Sunday morning to make breakfast for them, because I make the best breakfast in the world… That is if I’m still alive when she is older. (ouch!! A knife in the heart) I know that they don’t understand, but then again they kind of do.

Well I’ll update more, when I’m able too. Keep me, and my family in your prayers.


Ronni Gordon said...

Glad your chemo is going well, but so sorry to hear about all the hassles! Hope the insurance questions get straightened out soon. Thanks for posting the update. Thinking about you and wishing you well.

Irish Eyes said...

OOoh.. insurance... what a pain! in '02 my oldest son had to have a brain tumor removed at UCLA. After we drove there, got all checked in, he saw the surgeon (he was bleeding out of his nose/mouth) they said they would do surgery in the morning, but our insurance didn't approve it. I was freaking out. Come to find out, the main office was in Pasadena (not far from UCLA) and my husband was on the phone calling the main supervisor, he threatened to go to the main office WITH the boy so they could then decide what to do. LOL! They approved him.. he had the surgery first thing the next day. Praying for you and your family.

Jackie said...

I know I don't know you, but I follow your blog everyday. I am praying for you and your family, and you have been a huge inspiration to me. My husband has cancer (met. malignant melanoma-stage IV) and I look for every possible avenue to stay positive and your blog gives it to me. Thank you!
God Bless You!

Becky..AMHW said...

Prayer? Done.

BaldyLocks said...

What stress, dealing with your daughter's school while you're in the hospital. My son has taken out a lot of his anxieties about my condition, at school by being aggressive. The school knew the situation and that he was hurting, so they cut him a lot of slack. How upsetting, though.

You're in my thoughts.