Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hospital day 13

Well good news and bad news, they did not do the bone marrow biopsy yesterday, but I have it too look forward to on Monday… Which is fine by me, because I was really dreading it...

Rick’s cousin took our two youngest for the weekend, so Rick will be staying up here with me tonight. So I’ll finally have some company….

They put me on a steroid combination which has made my blood sugar spike, so now I’m taking insulin injections. My Red Blood Cell count is 7 so I’m set to receive two units of blood this morning. I’ve also got blisters going down my throat, they are currently giving me some medications for this, but it is still hard to swallow even water… But all in all I still feel pretty good even with the few complications that have come up.

My cousin Jennifer brought me some yarn up the other day, and I’ve already finished what she brought me, so Rick is bringing me some more up tonight so I can finish this blanket that I just started yesterday (and am halfway done!!) Can you tell I have absolutely nothing to do up here?

My best friend and her family are due to visit the week of Christmas; hopefully I’ll be out of the hospital for that week.

Well I’d better head back to my room, I’m sure my blood is ready for me…

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Susan C said...

I guess you're not much of a TV or DVD watcher. I had the Food Network on 24-7.

I'm an avid reader but the chemo brain made reading books difficult. I could handle magazines with lots of pictures and big headlines. : )

Glad to hear that you've become a knitting machine. Ya' know what they say about idle hands.