Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

Breanna & her Book Buddy from school

Breanna, & her best friend, & Book Buddy

Ricky & Breanna

I really want to do more than a weekly update, but it’s just not happening. (Sorry)

Not a whole lot has gone on this week, we’ve just been taking it easy (up until yesterday it’s been really cold here) so we’ve not done much more than come home, eat, and watch T.V. I know it’s a bad habit to get back into (we really cut down on watching T.V. over the summer). But then again I AM NOT A FAN OF THE COLD!!

Rick and I are going to a Halloween party (for Adults only) tonight, so I’m sure I’ll have something really funny to post next week. He got completely smashed last year (within an hour), and tried taking pictures of my cousins BOOBS (she was dressed like Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter). He completely made an ass out of himself (along with her husband) to the extent we have not been back over to their house for this whole year because he is completely humiliated.

We took the youngest two Trick-or-Treating last night, they had a blast. I got some really cute pictures of them with some of their friends. Khrystyne’s plans fell through so she dressed up (18 yrs old) and handed out candy for us, had she got in touch with her girlfriends however she would have been trick-or-treating as well. Courtney stayed the night with one of her friends, and they went trick-or-treating, this is the first time Courtney has been in 3 or 4 years. We have two huge bowls full of candy, I’m giving them a couple of days with a few pieces here and there, and then we are going to give the rest away. (Ricky & Breanna both had cavities at the last dentist appointment.)


Irish Eyes said...

adorable kids! can't wait to hear about the party.. lol!

Susan C said...

Ahh, I miss trick-or-treating with the youngsters. Ricky and Breanna, along with the BFF and book buddy, all look adorable.