Monday, October 13, 2008

I see sick people... everywhere

Calling the shots; my little guy is in the green.

We have a bunch of sick people at my house, first Courtney was sick, which turned into bronchitis, and then Khrystyne and Ricky got sick. I took them to the doctors Khrys had bronchitis, and I was told that Ricky had a viral infection until today he went back for his yearly physical and he has an ear infection plus cough, so he gets to revisit the doctor in 2 weeks to give his antibiotics time to kick in. Which leads us to Rick, Breanna and myself, Breanna is starting to cough (which luckily she has an appointment this Thursday with the pulmonary specialist for her asthma) I’ve got the worst cough, and now Rick is starting to come down with something. I think I may have picked the worst year to pass on the flu shot… I had such a bad reaction last year, and my doctor’s office does not offer the nasal mist so it’s a shot or nothing.

Ricky played his last soccer game this past Saturday; they won their final game so that put them as undefeated this whole season. Which that was pretty exciting. He got to call heads or tails for the beginning of the game (his first time ever) and he won, so he got to pick which side he wanted to play on. It was so cute. After the game, we went over to the bouncy house and waited for their turn. Rick and I watched them jump, actually their time was almost up, when we saw a commotion and saw someone getting out of the bouncy, here comes Ricky. He fell and some girl jumped on his EYE!!! It’s been two days now and his eye is still swollen. Breanna keeps telling his friends that a girl beat him up, and of course Ricky gets made at her, so he punched her in the arm where she just got her flu shot at. Kids… it never ends.

Courtney got suspended from school on Friday, she was caught with her cell phone Thursday morning and the teacher tried to take her phone and of course she didn’t give it up. (She saved her babysitting money for two months for that phone, and she had just got it the weekend before) So the Teacher sent her to the office, and when she went to get her things together she apparently dropped the F-Bomb in front of the whole class. So I got my fall cleaning done on Friday without even having to be at home!! Like I said Kids…

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