Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dillon Dipped in my Bucket

Dillon Dipped in my Bucket

That is the phrase that I heard while driving to work this lovely Saturday morning. (I brought the two youngest along.) So I turned the radio down so that I could listen in on the conversation that Ricky and Breanna were having. Apparently they are being taught in school that everyone has a full bucket, and if some one is mean to you or hurts your feelings they take a scoop out of your bucket. If someone is nice to you or makes you laugh they put a scoop into your bucket. So Dillon pushed Ricky down and was mean to him on the playground so he dipped in Ricky’s bucket. This conversation lasted every bit of 15 minutes, it was so cute.

I finally went to the Doctors on Thursday, and I have bronchitis. I came to work yesterday but our region manager was in and after an hour he sent me packing. Not because I was sick, but because he felt I may be contagious and he didn’t want any part of what I had. So I got a day and a half off this week… Yea!!

I believe I’m going to have to do some soul searching this coming year, I think professionally it is about time to make a change. I’ve worked here going on ten years, and I have to fight every year to get a pay increase, if I even get one. I’ve been gypped out of my quarterly bonuses about six times over the past two years. So more and more I feel it’s about time to move on.

My oldest daughter turned 18 on October 5th, today she is officially opening her first checking account. This is going to be interesting… hopefully she will pay attention to what I tell her, and never overdraw on her account. Money burns a hole right through her pocket; I’m trying to teach her to save some of her money for a rainy day, but so far it hasn’t stuck.

Breanna won 1st place at her school in an Art contest for the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Her art work is currently being displayed at The Great Frame Up. So after work this afternoon I’ll be taking Breanna & Ricky to The Great Frame Up to take pictures of her artwork. I’m sure Breanna will feel very important and I want to show her that we are really proud of her. I’ll post the pictures from our trip next week.

Well that’s about it for now; have a great weekend.

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