Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Family...

List of Characters for this story:
Joanne – Rick’s aunt
Ron – Joanne’s husband
Shannon – Rick’s sister
Darren – Shannon’s boyfriend
Bub(by) – Rick’s brother
Chrissy – Bub’s soon to be ex-wife

We went to Michigan over the 4th of July it actually turned out to be very interesting this year. We have been going there for several years, and this was the first time that we ever had any problems. Rick’s sister and her boyfriend went with us this year (it’s Rick’s fathers family that we go see)

We stopped to eat before we got to his aunt Joanne’s house, Rick called her to let her know that we were almost there, and she told him that Bub and Chrissy came down the night before. (Rick had talked to bubby a few days before, and as far as we knew they were still getting divorced and she would not let him bring Carly (their daughter) to the get together) Apparently she called Bubby on Wednesday night and told him that she wanted to work on things (basically just so that she could come to the BIG PARTY, and to start trouble). I told Shannon that she was there and she made it clear that if she stepped out of line all hell was going to break loose.

Sooo… The drinks flew fast, and heavily all afternoon and into the night. Chrissy was taking prescription pills on top of drinking (without eating) I was out in the tent and just fell asleep when I heard what sounded like an explosion!!! I looked out the side of the tent and heard people yelling and screaming and heard Chrissy’s jeep start up, then turn off, then start up, then turn off. (Rick jumped in the jeep with her and took her keys away, because the girl could not even stand up) Then she dug in her purse and said, “I have another set of keys!” Rick told her that she was just stupid for telling him, because he took those away too. Then they got out of the jeep and walked around the front of the house, by this time Courtney was in the tent with me watching all of the action. Shannon comes up to the side of the tent, and says “April I told you if she tried to start any s**t I was going to whip her a**. She told me that I didn’t love my brother (Bub).” And some other stuff Shannon was drunk and was stumbling around I couldn’t make out everything that she said. So she started walking towards the house. I said, “Shannon let Rick Calm her down she is drunk, she just needs to sleep.” F that she says and stumbles onto the patio. They are from Detroit so every other word all weekend was the F word. It really got on my nerves.

Anyway I hear Chrissy shouting your sister disrespected me, and you didn’t even say anything. Courtney is telling me what happened in the house before the big “Explosion” Chrissy said all of that stuff to Shannon, and then she slapped Bubby in the face really hard and poked him in both eyes (like the three stooges, double fingered and everything). The slap by the way was already the second slap of the night.

So Shannon reaches them on the porch and started yelling at Chrissy, Aunt Joanne got Shannon into the house, Rick was still trying to calm Chrissy down when he turned around to look at his brother, Chrissy went around the other side of Rick and SLAPPED Bubby in the face (she turned his whole head around, but he never raised his hand to her) Rick picked her up by both arms and put her up against the house, and yelled, “You’re not going to put your hands on my brother again!” So she shoves Rick, then she shoves him again and says hit me mother F*er, hit me. You’re nothing but a drunk like your brother, and then she shoved him again… of course at this time I’m putting my shoes on and running out of the tent, with Courtney hot on my heals, by the time I got down there I shoved her into the house and screamed don’t put your hands on my husband again or I’m going to whip you’re a** myself!! Darren (Shannon’s boyfriend) got in between us and tried to get me into the house. But I shoved him out of the way and shoved her a couple of more times, she just closed her eyes and hung her head down. I was still screaming at her telling her to shut the F up and go to sleep. So Darren finally got me into the house, Joanne got Chrissy out by the fire, and everyone else finally came into the house. (Ron and Joanne kept giving Chrissy alcohol, so she can pass out they said) (Fuel to the fire I said) The group wanted to go back outside to keep parting and I told Rick you keep them in the house, she is not getting any attention so things were finally starting to calm down, so Rick made them all stay in the house. Bed time that night was 7am Saturday morning… I kept saying all night that she was acting like she had bipolar disorder, the next morning I found out that she does have bipolar and was taking anti-psychotic drugs… which you are not supposed to mix with alcohol… You think???

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Susan Carrier said...

You got it right when you started off the post with a "list of characters." Your families sure have more than their share of characters.