Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dawn Marie Stuard

Dawn Marie Stuard

March 17, 1986, I was 13 years old (almost 14) and in Jr. High School. My cousin went missing, and I remember my aunts & uncles, everyone really looking for her. Her parents went out of town for the weekend, and woke her up to take her to her aunt’s house. She had stayed up late (it was the weekend) and begged her parents to let her sleep a little longer, and that she would walk over to her aunts house when she woke up which was just a few blocks away. So her parents agreed and called his sister to let her know that Dawn would walk over later in the day. She was headed over to her aunt’s house, but made a detour to the local park, witnesses saw her speaking to some men in a car, then later they heard a car peeling out and no one ever saw Dawn alive again. They knew who the men in the car were, but couldn’t be sure that they were the ones peeling out because they only heard it, they didn’t see them leaving. My aunt Sherry went to their house and beat on the door, they had a few words but they would not let her in their house (she blamed herself for this later, she felt if she would have just pushed her way through, that she could have saved Dawn) The police were called, they questioned the Reese family, then the search started for Dawn. My uncle Dale found her body; she had been raped and beaten to death. They found her in some water several days after the fact, I remember this because she had an open casket at her funeral, and she didn’t even look like herself. She was so bloated; it looked like someone else entirely.

The police searched the Reese’s family home, and found blood and hair on a pool stick that was used to beat her to death. The father was arrested and charged with rape, confinement, and murder, his sixteen year old son was also a suspect in her rape and murder.

When the police searched the Reese family home, they did not obtain a search warrant and all of the evidence was eventually thrown out. They were released from jail and charges were never brought against them again. UNTIL THIS WEEK….

Brian Reese (who was the sixteen year old son, 22 yrs ago), was charged in three homicides this past week, and he also shot an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Office in the head (he has not yet been charged with any crimes against the police officer).

On Tuesday night I was getting ready to go to bed and the news was coming on, they were talking about Brian/Paul Reese and how they had a connection to a murder some 20+ years ago. They kept showing a picture of a young girl and I kept thinking to myself man she looks so familiar… so I stayed up to watch the story.

They started talking about the rape/murder of this young girl, and then her father was being interviewed, it’s been quite some time since I have seen him but then it hit me that this story was about Dawn, and then they showed the video clip of the police bringing her out of the wooded area by this time I was on the edge of the couch, tears flowing down my face. It felt like I was taken back to that very moment when she was found all of those years ago. They are going to reopen her case and hopefully with DNA testing that is available now that wasn’t available 20 years ago, they can finally prove what everybody knew back then, that they are the ones who raped and killed Dawn, and that they will have to suffer the punishment for their crimes old and new.

I just really saddens me that three more people (almost four) had to lose their life to bring these monsters to justice. That’s being generous I’m sure people who have been convicted on murder as early as 1960 (the father), that have been suspected on a 1986 homicide, didn’t just start all over again in 2008. I just wonder how many other people have died at these people’s hands??? They have another son in prison for… you guessed it murder. How does a whole family turn out to be so evil? Hopefully they will never see the light of day again. And Dawn will finally be able to rest in peace.

Here’s the latest on the Reese investigation.


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Anonymous said...

I was googling Dawn Stuard murder investigation when I found your post. I want to thank you for your recounting the events back in that year. I lived down the street from Dawn. I also went to her viewing. Several teens including myself at the time were completely devistated and also lived in fear walkign to our bus stops, all because of who we KNEW committed the crime. Please, if you hear of any DNA news, please post! God bless you.

Michelle B said...

I am watching a show that details the murders committed by the Reece family including what happened to Dawn. Heres the link:

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