Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cancer Updates:

Tomorrow I go for my check up with my oncologist. I’ve been feeling very well lately, with no issues to report so hopefully my blood counts will be where they need to be at.

I wanted to write about a couple of people that I have been following for the past 9-10 months, they both lost their battle with cancer last week, and I just wanted people to know about them.

The first one I’m sure many people know about his name was Randy Pauch he was the college professor who gave “The Last Lecture”. I wanted to remember Randy today because of his vision, and his zest for life, and for making each moment count. He was an amazing man, a family man, a teacher, a true inspiration. If any of you have seen his last lecture or parts of it on Oprah, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Here is the link to Randy’s updates It was a wonderful story, so much worth the read… Here is an article on Randy,

The second person that I wanted to talk about was Kristy Dykes, her blog is titled Christian Love Stories. She was diagnosed with the same kind of brain tumor that Senator Ted Kennedy was recently diagnosed with. Her blog is so inspirational to me, the love that she had for her husband and the love that he so obviously had for her is something to aspire to have in your own marriage. The link for her blog is here:

Please also check out this post that her husband posted for all husbands to read: (scroll down to the November 23, 2008 post titled Tough Men and Tender Romance.)

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