Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You said WHAT??

Ricky Making his car

With the finished product

Water gun fight!!

June the 1st we had Ricky’s birthday party, which ended up in a huge water gun fight. Which the kids thought that was just a blast. We took Ricky to Ridemakerz to build his very own remote control, green Mustang, Monster Truck, with a big motor!! That is all he talked about for weeks, Rick tried to talk him into another car/truck, but Ricky wasn’t having that!! He knew what he wanted, and he was getting it. All in all he had a really good birthday.

This past weekend was the first weekend in MONTHS that we didn’t have Soccer games, or parties (birthday/graduation/baby showers) to go to. It was so nice just to hang out and do absolutely nothing. Most of the time I hate being lazy, but if I ever needed a weekend off this was it.

Me and my sister (Rachel) are currently not speaking, to make a couple of very LONG stories short she told my 17 year old daughter that she should have a boyfriend by now, and that she should be having sex otherwise she might as well be going out with girls!! Oh, and also she should be pregnant by now. (Note: the gay thing does not bother me I have a half sister who is gay) (The thing that bothers me is that my sister who is an “ADULT” told this to my seventeen year old daughter.) Then her son pipes up and asks Khrystyne, “Well are you a lesbian?” Khrystyne told him, “Not that it is any of your business, but no I am not.” Then she told Rachel, “Just because your kids are whores doesn’t mean that I have to be!” Go Khrystyne!! (P.S. Watch your mouth) this is one of those things that you are proud of your kids for standing up for themselves, but on the other hand you kind of cringe when you hear it.

I have a couple of blogs that I read both women are losing their battle with cancer, Please check out their blogs and offer some support. Thanks.



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