Monday, June 30, 2008

New Memories...

This past weekend was pretty non-eventful, besides the usual grocery shopping, laundry, library, and just plain ole’ hanging out with the family; spotty thundershowers kept us inside for most of the weekend, but we managed to get out a few times.

I overheard Ricky and Breanna in a conversation where Ricky was trying to convince Breanna that we had done something awhile back, and then I heard Breanna say, “No we did not, remember mommy was sick, and we didn’t get to go.” Can I please say, I never wanted my illness to get in the way of my children’s happiness, and I will never again tell them that I am too sick to do anything with them. I do not want that to be their memory of me.

Yesterday afternoon it was raining, and Rick was playing Flat Out on the Play Station. Ricky was sitting in the chair with me, we were goofing off and he was laughing his head off, all of the sudden he grabbed himself and said uh-oh… I pushed him out of the chair and told him to hurry up as he ran to the bathroom. I had made him laugh so hard he almost pee’d his pants. Then he came back and we started playing around again, not ten minutes later the same thing happened.

Our puppy is housebroken, but now she wants to chew everything up. She keeps chewing up Breanna’s little stuffed animals. She has hand sewn noses, and eyes on her puppies/kitties and yesterday we even had to sew an entire head on their bulldog puppy. Anyway Breanna has taken to giving her stuffed animals baths because of the dog slobber, so for awhile yesterday afternoon I sat on the floor with her blow drying her stuffed animals (so their fur would be fluffy once again).

(These are the kind of memories I want my kids to have.)


WhyMommy said...

What a beautiful picture!

Imstell said...

It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day.

BaldyLocks said...

I'm sure the memories your children have will be of all the wonderful things you have done with/for them. I hope you don't really feel bad for being ill. The kids will adjust and love you just the same no matter what.

My energy is still rock bottom low and we still can't do all the things we would have but we are doing different things. We made plaster masks the other day. They are having a blast with it because they want them to be ninja masks.