Friday, May 23, 2008

What to do??

Ricky being silly

A thousand things have been going on all at once; it’s been hard for me to find a moment to myself, little lone find time to write. Both my husbands and my jobs seem to be up in the air. It looks as if we both may end up losing our jobs within one to two years. His company will be downsizing, and mine is outsourcing. So we have been trying to decide what we want to do. Rick has an opportunity to work at Stout Field (military) as a civilian working on Humvee’s, but the job is temporary until some of the reservists come home from Iraq next year. But its good money, and it will put a fire up his butt to lose weight and get into shape, because (wait for it…) he is going back into the Army next year. We have been out of the Army for ten years, but I think we both really miss it, and are ready to get on with it. When he goes back in he will have to go through 3 weeks of basic (a refresher really) and three weeks training, then we’ll get orders and get the hell out of Indiana…

I think that I’m going to re-try my hand at this stay at home mom thing. Plus I’ve decided to go back to school; I want to be a nurse when I grow up. I’m pretty sure that I want to be an oncology nurse. Who better to take care of a cancer patient, than someone who knows exactly what they are going through??

The kids are a little unsure of the whole thing; scared is probably a better word for it. Like I told Rick if God decides it’s your time to go it doesn’t matter if you are in Iraq, or crossing the street, it’s your time!! Rick is not scared, he’s just a little worried if something were to happen to him how it would affect the children. Which is 100% a normal thought, but the longer he has thought about it the more he just wants to do it.

The kids will be out of school next week, and Ricky will be a GREAT BIG 6 years old. I can’t believe he is that old. He was just 3 when I was diagnosed, and I thought he wouldn’t remember me if something were to happen. Well that is at least one answered prayer… (that was my main prayer actually, just let my children remember how much I loved them).

Speaking of prayer, please visit Kristy Dykes at Christian Love Stories she was diagnosed with the same kind of brain tumor that Sen. Ted Kennedy was just diagnosed with, back in November, and it doesn’t look as if she has much time left. But her story, and that of her family is so inspiring, please visit.

Have a good weekend.

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