Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby…

Today is my son’s birthday; he is officially six years old. Last night when I was tucking him in he asked, “Tomorrow can I pick out my own clothes? I’ll be six you know!” So this morning when I woke him up I asked him if he would like to pick out his own clothes, and he jumped up and said “Oh yeah, I’m six now. I can do it.” Now what good am I, I can’t even lay his clothes out for him anymore!! It sucks having your babies grow up in the blink of an eye. My oldest child will be eighteen years old in October. I just wonder when it was that I got so old…

Because of my cancer it will never be possible for me to have any more children, I think deep down I kind of mourn that. I love my kids, and I would love to have more. Rick keeps telling me to wait; I’ll be a grandmother before I know it. Which I know that will happen soon enough. (At least 5-10 more years KHRYSTYNE & COURTNEY do I make myself clear?) Still deep down I don’t want to be an empty nester someday, I know some (most) people look forward to the day when their children are all grown up and moved away. But me personally I dread that day, our house is always so lively, so loud. I think that the silence would be deafening. But I wouldn’t hold my children back from making their own way, and hopefully finding great happiness.

I was talking with my sister this morning, and she said that there are two girls out there claiming that they are pregnant by her sixteen year old son… She doesn’t believe that he is the father, hopefully paternity tests will prove otherwise, but if not my sister is going to be a GRANDMA!!!! Oh crap, that means I’ll be a great aunt… Oh well she will be a grandmother first, Ha! Ha!

Happy birthday son, don’t grow up too fast.

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