Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend Update.

Ok, so I had a really good experience at camp this past weekend. I enjoyed catching up with past campers, and even got to know a few new ones. Rick and the kids came up for family night (minus Khrys, she was at prom); Ricky and Breanna had a blast!!! They tore up the Candy dishes, and they love playing Bingo. You wouldn’t think that a five and eight year old would LOVE bingo but they do.

We did yard work on Sunday. Man it really needed it. We put in new plants, took out the dead ones, and put weed killer on our grass!!! It was starting to be overrun with dandelions.

Yesterday I went to see my oncologist for my quarterly check-up, normally when he comes in to give me my results; he kind of runs in, “Hi, how you doing? Everything looks fine see you in three months!” Yesterday not so much; he came into the office with his nurse Katie, they both took a seat, and he asked me, “So how are you feeling?” I told him that I was feeling fine. Then he said, “Well when we tried to get a smear of your blood it wouldn’t take, we had to do it three or four times before we could get it. We don’t quite know what that means, but everything looked fine.” ???????? WTF does that mean??????

Me: Well actually there have been a few things lately that I wanted to mention, I’m not sure if it means anything. I keep getting a pain in the right side of my head and in between my shoulder blade that feels like someone is stabbing me. My finger tips keep going numb, not for a little while either for hours sometimes 7-8 hours. I can’t keep my balance either.

Dr. Cripe and Katie both look at each other????

He comes over and pushes on my spine in between my shoulders, and then he pushes my head down (and asked if it hurt) then he had me turn my head to the left and then to the right while he pushed down. Then he said, “It sounds like you could have a spinal cord disease, who is your family doctor? You are going to have to have an MRI done. I’ll send him a note, and we’ll go from there.”


We leave the cancer pavilion and head home everything is fine until about an hour later I could not lift my arm or turn my neck; nothing… and I was in so much PAIN!! All from him just touching and pushing on me.

I emailed Katie this morning with all of my family doctors info and asked her to send the letter to him as soon as possible, then I explained what happened last night. She called me an hour later and said that Dr. Cripe doesn’t want to wait that long and had her schedule me in for an MRI tomorrow morning. She said, “I hope the time will work for you.” I told her that I would make it work. So after the MRI they will call and let me know what on earth is wrong with me now!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I got the distinct pleasure of going to court yesterday over medical bills!!! Thankfully I had copies of the checks where I had already paid these bills, so I didn’t have to go before a judge. Thank God!! I should get a release of debt in the next 30 days through the mail. Until the next time that is… We are drowning in medical debt. It really is a shame that insurance isn’t as good as it should be. Out of all of my medical bills my insurance has paid 2/3; I’m still responsible for 1/3 (which now is over $100,000.00). Good luck to them with trying to collect all of that!! I can’t give them what we don’t even make…

Anyway, all in all I had a really good weekend. My husband managed to get off from work on Saturday, and we just had a really good time hanging out with the kids. I got to hang out with some pretty amazing cancer survivors, I got to do some much needed yard work, and I’m pretty well rested, so what more can you ask for?

Friday, April 25, 2008


My goal this year was to blog at least 1-2 times per week. I think that has kind of gone out the window at this point. Although I can at least catch you up.
I took Khrystyne to see Dr. Goulet last Wednesday, and he had her pathology report back and the tumor was benign. A huge burden was lifted at that point. She doesn’t have to go back, so that was great news.

The puppy is almost completely housebroken. Thank God!! I can’t stand house training a dog. But she is really intelligent, and she is a good dog.

Courtney has once again turned into the problem child. She has been suspended from school, suspended off the bus, put in ISS (in school suspension), and now she gets to serve Friday school next week (in which I get the very distinct pleasure of picking her up from school at 6pm). All of this since school started in August. She is a freshman and all of the police officers, vice principles, Principle, and admin staff know her by name. There is something very wrong with this picture. Infractions range from fighting girls, fighting a boy, being disrespectful, cussing, throwing a chair, and wearing pajama’s to school (a dress code violation). I honestly have just about lost all patients with her. Some days she is good as gold and I really mean that, but some days you have to fight the urge to put her through the wall.

This week her and some friends decided that they were going to wear pajama’s to school, so that they could all service ISS together, and not go to class. The Freshman Dean called and left a voice mail explaining the situation, I cannot tell you how pissed I was. She had just served ISS last week for throwing a chair. So I called Rick to let him know what had happened, and he is currently putting together a list of chores for this weekend (she’ll be begging to go to school Monday), then I called work to let them know that I was going to be late. And I took myself straight up to her school. I brought her a change of clothes and explained that I did not want her in ISS today, because that is what she wanted that she could serve it Thursday or Friday (or both as far as I was concerned). I wanted her to go to class. So they paged ISS and had Courtney sent to the office. Her eyes were as big as saucers when she saw me sitting there. There were two boys waiting to be seen, and they both knew who Courtney was, but one of them yelled out YOU AGAIN!! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW?? (They did not know that I was her mother) until she walked up to me, I told her to see the secretary, who then handed her a bag of clothes and told her to go to the nurse’s office to change. The secretary noticed that I was busting at the seams to say something to her, and she offered up an empty conference room if I thought that I might need it… Of course I told her, “I’m defiantly going to need it.” When Courtney came back I lead her to the conference room and let her have it… Tears were streaming down her face when we walked out of the room, and I’m sure EVERYONE in that office heard every word that I said, because I was not quiet about it. I left and she went back to class. So now she is grounded and hating life. I took her phone to work with me and left it in my desk until school is out, and she is grounded to the house sentenced to hard labor for the next two weeks, AND I am going to volunteer her for community service through her school to make up for being such a pain in the ASS!!!!

Please let me tell you life has not been pleasant the past few days, her anger management courses are not paying off…

I am getting ready to go to Camp Bluebird tonight; it is a retreat for cancer survivors. After each one I go to I always say I’m not going back, yet six months later I feel it’s the place to be. I still have a hard time opening up to people about my cancer experience, I don’t know if it will ever get any easier, it still feels raw even two years later.

I have to go home for part of the afternoon tomorrow to help Khrystyne get ready for the prom. She is going stag this year, but she really just goes to hang out with her friends anyway.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I like your world.

Okay, Okay, Okay, I know that it has be AWHILE since I posted, but I really have had a lot on my plate lately.

First off, we finally had our first family vacation since December 2003!!! It was amazing!!! We visited my best friend Ange and her family in Naples, FL. Perfect days, beautiful sunsets, and lots of sunburns!! No but we really did have a great time. We both needed a vacation more than I could even possibly begin to tell you.

The second day there Ricky tells Ange, “I like your world better!!” “Mommy, I don’t like our world, I want to live in Ange’s world.” (So do I buddy, so do I)

We basically drove two days each way, and of course on the way back we hit terrible weather, and we all had a stomach virus. So that first day headed back we stopped about 100 miles before we wanted to. (By the way one way the trip was 1200 miles!!)

We got back to town Sunday the 6th around 4pm, we dropped off the kids and Rick & I went grocery shopping, (So NOT the thing that you want to do after spending over 11 hours in the car).

Look how cute!!

I went back to work on Monday, but then on Tuesday Rick and I both had to take another vacation day, because Khrystyne was scheduled for her surgery, and I had to take Breanna to Riley Children’s Hospital to be seen for her Asthma. Breanna’s appointment started at 9am and I just made it over to IU Medical in time to see Khrystyne off to surgery. Her surgery took about ½ hour, but then we had to wait another hour and ½ for her to wake up. As soon as we were allowed back to her room she was already eating. I take her back tomorrow for her follow up, and to get the results of the pathology report. But so far so good.

I have to take Breanna back to Riley Children’s Hospital in two months for several tests, which include an Allergy Test, an Upper GI, and a Cat Scan of her sinus’. So yes, you’ve guessed it another vacation day will be burned!! It’s a good thing that I actually took a vacation this year, because the days are getting used up fast.

One last note: we got a dog last night… Her name is Bella, she is cute but not yet housebroken!!