Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here we go again.

Khrystyne this past Christmas...

My 17 year old daughter Khrystyne has been complaining of a constant itching on the side of her breast (where her tumor is) she has been asking me to take her back to the doctors because she thinks that it has gotten bigger. Since I just had her checked out in November I’ve been trying to put it off thinking that I’ll get her in to see the family physician in October for her yearly check up.

I don’t know if it was something that she said, or did, but on Thursday night I had a dream that she had breast cancer and that we did not get her to the doctor’s in time. I woke up Friday morning with just the most sickening feeling you could ever imagine. So I email Dr. Goulet and he told me to schedule an appointment for this Wednesday, he said that he may have to go ahead and remove the tumor and have it tested just to make sure that everything is ok. So I get to leave work a little early today to run her up to the cancer center. I have to say this time around I’m not nearly as nervous as last time. But I just want some answers!!! She is not able to be in a room for ten minutes without scratching constantly. It’s driving us all crazy…

My sisters husband had open heart surgery almost two weeks ago, and is in heart failure. Before the surgery he only had 17% function of his heart. The scar is so nasty… All the way down the center of his chest up to his belly button. But he’s home now (with oxygen) so hopefully he’ll be able to heal in peace. He is still smoking though, even in the house. I told him that he is going to blow everybody up, but he is stubborn and won’t listen.

Well I’ll update tomorrow with how Khrystyne’s appointment went.

Cancer Survivor wins iditarod

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