Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Breanna visits the doctor...

I took Breanna to the doctors last Thursday for her annual check-up; and on the way she informed me that she would not be getting a shot today. I told her that she wasn’t due for any shots this year and that she would be fine.

So we got to the doctors’ office, got settled into her room and she had her blood pressure, weight and height recorded and then the doctor came in we discussed how she has been doing since her latest asthma episode last month, and as he was wrapping up the visit he mentioned that some states are now requiring a second chicken pox shot. Indiana is not one of them yet, but will be soon and he recommended that she go ahead and get that out of the way, and then she will not need another vaccine until she is 11 or 12. She immediately started shaking her head “NO” while I told the doctor sure let’s just get it over with.

As soon as he walked out of the office she said, “I’m not getting a shot, and you can’t make me!” She then crawled under the exam table and refused to come out. The nurse comes into the room with shot in hand and we could not persuade her to come out from under that table. The nurse asked, “What do you want me to do?” I said, “You’ll have to come back.” So she left and I threatened Breanna with her life, no I’m just kidding, I talked her out from under the table and convinced her to sit on the table to put her shoes on, let’s just say that I have never seen her put those shoes on so fast in my life!!! As I reached to open the door and call the nurse she finished putting her last shoe on and jumped off of the table. There was a chair in the corner of the office and she slouched down between the wall and the chair and would not come out.

So the nurse comes in (with reinforcements, another nurse) and we all three tried to pull her out of the corner with NO SUCH LUCK!!! Nurse #1 leaves the room to go get the (male) doctor to see if he could help us, at this point the only thing that I can do is laugh, BECAUSE THIS CHILD IS STUBBORN!!! Finally the nurse comes back into the room with the doctor in tow, and all three of them were trying to put her on the exam table then she just went limp and fell to the floor so the doctor sat on her and told the nurse to just give it to her on the floor, nurse #2 held her arm still and nurse #1 finally injected…

Mission accomplished right? WRONG!!! They all left the room and I told Breanna that it was all over and it was time for us to go. The girl would not get off of the floor for anything. So of course I do the mom thing and say, Ok, well I don’t know about you but I’m leaving and I walked out of the room and around the corner 5 minutes later I go back to the room and the girl had not even budged. I told her that they needed the room for other patients, and of course the nurses had already come by a few times so I coaxed her out of the room. But that was as far as she would go, finally I told her to stay because I was tired of messing with her. So she started to scoot on her behind all the way down the hall, then the next hallway, and then the next hallway ALL ON HER BUTT!!! So I finally make it to the check out counter and am ready to leave, but the girl would not move!!! 20 minutes later they started turning the lights out in the other waiting room and I told her, “Breanna we have to leave right now they are closing up.” Finally that did the trick, on the way out to the car she asks, “Can we still go to Target to get my bathing suit?” SAY WHAT!!!! NO!!!!!I took her straight home, to which my husband asks, what took you so long??????

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