Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ricky and the curse of the glasses...

I took my son to the eye doctors on Saturday, and of course he needs to wear glasses. So Ricky started out being a little excited about getting glasses, UNTIL he realized that he would have to wear them to school.

To which he responded, “I won’t wear them!”

I said, “You don’t have a choice, you have to wear them when you read.”

Ricky: I won’t have to wear them if I don’t take them to school!

Me: Well lucky for you, starting next week daddy has to go to work early and I will be putting you on the bus before I leave for work, so you will take them to school, and I’m going to email your teacher to make sure that you wear them!! (Which I’ve already sent her that email.)

As soon as we got home on Saturday Ricky’s friend Ericson came over and I overheard him say, “I have to get glasses because I can’t see very well. I know I’m going to look silly!!”

So yesterday the optometrist called to let me know that his glasses were in, so I left work a little early so that we could go pick them up. He let the employee fit the glasses to his face, and wore them out of the store. Two steps out of the doorway…

Ricky: Can I take my glasses off now?

Me: No, you need to wear them for awhile to get used to them.

Ricky: I’ve had them on for awhile now, Can I take them off?

(What am I going to do with this kid?)

This morning as soon as he got up he went downstairs and put his glasses on without being told, I left for work but then awhile later I was talking to my husband who said, “you know, he wore those glasses all morning until it was time to leave for the bus, and I noticed that he wasn’t wearing them, and I asked him where are your glasses bud?” to which he replied, “In my book bag.” Rick made him put them on and asked him if he was afraid that the kids would make fun of him. Ricky said, “Yes.” Then Breanna chimes in he looks like a NERD!!


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Aimee said...

He looks adorable! Hopefully he'll keep them on!:)