Friday, February 08, 2008

More on my cousin and his daughter.

Okay, so as the days go on more and more information is coming to light as to what happened to my cousin and his daughter. Without saying too much because the police have agreed to reopen the investigation into what really happened. It looks as if it they could have both been murdered, we did find out that she was not shot, she had been strangled, and he was shot with a riffle behind his right ear (he was left handed), without giving anything extra away that is all I’m going to say on that. It doesn’t bring them back by any means but knowing that there is a HUGE possibility that he did not do this makes our family feel so much better.

Her funeral was very hard, it was my step-dads birthday and this was the first child’s funeral that he had ever been to. Everyone was civil, and tried to get through things the best that they could. You can bet that there was not a dry eye in the whole place. It was so sad.

Not as many people showed up at his, but a lot of people were still under the assumption that he had killed her. But everyone that knew and loved Dwayne showed up so that is what is important.

His mom, dad, and brother took him back to Tennessee to bury him next to his brother Jeffery he died in a car accident just after high school graduation a few years ago. Dwayne and Jordan were killed on his only living brother’s birthday. So this past week has been especially hard on all of them.

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