Friday, January 11, 2008

Insurance Rantings

I am so pissed right now!! Stupid insurance companies... I went to refill my daughter’s asthma medicine last night and it will cost me $186, I guess my husbands company changed the way their benefits are and you have to meet your $4500.00 deductible before the insurance kicks in, including doctor’s visits, dentist appointments the works... Only after you meet the $4500 deductible will the plan kick in 80/20. Why do we pay over $400 a month for this coverage?

So now we are talking about the possibility of Rick finding another job, so that he can lose his insurance and I can file for insurance through my work as a change of status. Rick almost quit the other day but I talked him out of it saying, “Don’t quit this is the best insurance we’ve ever had.” The insurance reps that explained the new benefits completely mis-represented the coverage, they made it out to be something that clearly it is not.

I called Breanna’s doctor’s office and told them that I was having problems with my insurance, and asked if they had a sample of her medicine until we could figure out what was going on. They had one sample Advair left that they are going to give to me. Ten minutes later we found out about our huge deductible…

Last night when I tried to fill the prescription and found out the price I called Caremark to see what the problem was. The first issue was everyone in our household had the third (III) behind their names (Which is only supposed to be behind Rick’s name). The second issue that they came across was our deductible was showing $99,999.99. She stated, “Clearly that’s wrong!” I said, “You THINK???”

I hate insurance companies...

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Duane said...

Most definitely, insurance companies stink! It's enough to worry about one's illness and then, there's the stupid bureaucracy of the insurance company too.

Hang in there. I hope things are solved very soon!