Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger

You know with the sad passing of Heath Ledger I have been thinking. What in my life would I have missed out on if I had died at such a young age, he was only 28 years old as all of you probably already know. I have kind of made some mental notes as to the things that I would have been cheated out of, so in no particular order here is a small list of things that have happened in my life since the age of 28…

1. Of course I turned the big 3-0
2. My son was born one month after I turned 30, and he has been such a blessing in my life.
3. If I had passed at 28 years old my daughter would only have been 1 years old at the time, and would never have remembered me at such a young age. My other two daughters were only 10 and 7.
4. I was diagnosed with Leukemia
5. My mother-in-law (Judy) passed away from cancer
6. I was able to be there for my husband and his mother the month up to her passing, and helped take the pressure off of their family during that terrible time.
7. I went on a trip to Las Vegas (just me & Rick) for our 10 year anniversary (we never had a honeymoon, and he was an instant dad when we married because I already had two children)
8. My best friend finally had a baby. (She’s named after me!!)
9. I’ve learnt the true meaning of a volunteer, and how important they really are.
10. I was made to realize very quickly if there were never people who donated blood, some of us would perish very quickly (I had over 60 blood transfusions during my cancer treatment)
11. I have been blessed with many days, sunrises, and sunsets. That I now hold a deep appreciation for.
12. I have found an inner strength within myself that I never really knew was there.
13. I have really loved my family, with all of my heart.

Now I can’t help but think what in his life he is going to miss out on. #1, I’m sure will be his daughter, his family, and friends. Who knows what else he could have accomplished. I truly feel bad for his family, and I hope that they will be granted peace during this difficult time.

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BaldyLocks said...

I said to you before that we didn't have the same leukemia. I had never heard of it called Acute Myloid Leukemia before. I wonder why? Anyway, I just saw a description saying it is the same thing as Acute Mylogeneous Leukemia.

I'm probably brutalizing the spelling right now.

Anyway, I think it's amazing that there is someone MY age with the same thing. To top that, you are a mom as well. I'm sorry you have/had it but I am glad that you found me.