Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow... Snow... and more Snow...

This past weekend we were warned of all of the snow to come, so I went grocery shopping on Friday night to get that out of the way, and then I stopped by the video store to check out some movies. So for the rest of the weekend we did a little house work, washed some laundry and watched a lot of T.V.

Yesterday afternoon we bundled Ricky and Breanna up to go out and play in the snow they weren’t outside for 20-30 minutes and when they came their little faces were beet red. So of course this morning when I was waking them up for school, Breanna’s asthma flared up so I was late to work this morning. I ended up calling her school to let them know not to let her go outside for recess today.

I watched Survivor off and on last night and I could not believe that Todd won it. I could not stand him. Oh well it’s not my money. Tuesday night is The Biggest Loser finale I’m pretty excited to see what everyone looks like. I’m such a loser… On the other hand I’m glad that everything is going into reruns I’m tired of trying to remember which shows that I want to watch which night, and honestly I'm just plain tired of watching T.V. all of the time.

I started shopping for Christmas Eve dinner this weekend; I still have about $200 worth of food to buy. Rick owes me big time. I’ll start cooking Saturday night just to have everything ready by Monday. He has picked out 3 big Polish dishes that he wants me to make, and has picked out about four deserts that he wants. So I will definitely need next week off to recoup from all of the work that it takes to make some of this stuff. I’ll put up a list of everything that we made with recipes next week.

Well my lunch is almost over, I’d better get back to work.

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