Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

Not a whole lot has been going on lately, just working and trying to get ready for Christmas. Can you believe that Christmas is just two weeks away?? We are going through all of our polish recipes trying to decide which ones we like the best. We were going to have a traditional Christmas dinner when my husband asked if we could make polish dishes for the dinner instead. So I agreed and we actually tried out one of the recipes this past weekend and it was awesome!! For the family members that will not like those dishes we are still going to make a ham.

Ricky stayed home from school today sick, he’s been trying to stay home all week (can you imagine what I’ll have to deal with when he is a teenager?) already trying to make up excuses to stay home from school in kindergarten. Yesterday he came into my room holding his stomach saying, I don’t feel very well I don’t think that I can go to school today. He climbed up in my bed and I asked him, are you sick or do you just want to stay home today. He (still being new at this) said, I just want to stay home. So of course I had to make him go to school yesterday. This morning Courtney came into my room and said, “Mommy, Ricky is sick.” I told her to send him into my room; she said that he was in her bed. So she brought him in and put him in bed with me and Rick and he was burning up. So after a week of trying he finally got to stay home from school today.

I walked Breanna down to her friend’s house last night, and then went down an hour later to pick her up. About halfway to her house it started to rain so I hurried to their house. Of course Breanna didn’t have her shoes or socks on and had to get her coat on. I kept telling her to hurry up, and as soon as we got outside she said, “It’s raining mommy!” I said, “Why do you think I kept telling you to hurry up?” so we started for the house and no sooner than we got onto our street it started pouring down rain, and it seemed like with every step the temperature would drop another five degrees. I didn’t have a hat on so I was soaked to the bone. I told her to get upstairs and jump into the shower; actually I ended up doing the exact same thing.

Well I hope that everyone is doing well, and that you are having a fun and exciting holiday season.


BaldyLocks said...

I just read your post about your son asking questions. That must have been difficult. It's so hard for us as parents to not be able to guarantee life for them.

And your Christmas photos are beautiful by the way!

bella said...

As I write this Christmas is just over a week away!
I remember as a child, how slow the time dragged leading up to the day, how hard it was to wait.
Now it speeds and passes and I have to remind myself to wake up and see it, be here.
Happy holidays to you.