Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tis the season...

My boss let me go home early on Friday; it felt like I had four days off of work. It was so nice. But the cold that Ricky & Breanna had a week prior finally caught up with me Saturday evening and Sunday I felt rotten. I’m still having a hard time sleeping, and breathing for that matter, ever since my cancer and subsequent treatment anytime that I get sick I feel it coming on for about a week and then one morning WHAM!! I’m down for the count. When I woke this morning it felt as if I had been hit by a truck, I had to get myself downstairs so that I could take some Sudafed and Tylenol. Finally this afternoon it feels as if it is starting to lift. Thank God.

We bought a huge Christmas tree on Saturday, and last night Rick brought down all of the decorations. We strung four strands of lights on this tree and we still need 3 or 4 more strands!! This tree is huge. I will probably have to buy more bulbs as well. When we get it all decorated I will post some pictures. (We had to cut about a foot off of the top, just to get it to fit in the house)

We also decided to have Christmas dinner at our house this year. My mother had so many people at her house last year and her house is maybe 1000 sq ft. It was so crowded. So on Christmas Eve we are planning on having a minimum of 23 people over for dinner. We are going to have a turkey and a ham, plus everything that goes with it. I’m sure my husband is grateful; he thinks that no one in my family can cook but me. So I’m sure that he will be stuffing himself all day.

I just realized that I do not have any doctor’s appointments until February of next year. This will be the longest period of time that I will have gone without being seen since 2005. Man that is such a huge relief. Now if they would just call me up to let me know that they have seriously over billed me and would like to take off a least half, I would be all set. At last count I’m well over $100,000.00 owed (after insurance).

Which reminds me: Have you seen Sicko? It is a documentary by Michael Moore (whom for the most part I am not a huge fan) but I think I’m starting to come around. It goes into great detail on our healthcare system or lack thereof. And how some countries including CUBA, Canada, France, etc… have free health care. It is well worth the watch, go out and rent this movie. If it doesn’t make you mad nothing will…

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thanks so much for adding my blog!! Sooo appreciate it! :)
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