Thursday, November 08, 2007

So do you want the long or short of it?

Short and to the point:

Khrystyne had a needle core biopsy yesterday and it came back benign. The doctor told her to watch out for the following:

1. That 1/3 of these tumors (Fibroadenoma) will get bigger, and if that happens than she will need to have the lump removed because it could turn cancerous.

2. When she decides to have children in the future if the tumor is still there she will need to have numerous ultra-sounds and biopsies because the extreme hormone surges can turn it cancerous.

3. Because she had this type of tumor at such a young age her risk for developing breast cancer in the future is greater.

But for now she is OK. She is just going to have to keep an eye on it, and always be mindful of any changes in her body.

Now for the long story:

I don’t know about Khrys but I was awake from about 2am on. Nervous as all get out. After everyone else went to work and school we ate a bite and got ready to go downtown. When I came downstairs to leave Khrystyne was sitting on the loveseat with her headphones on and playing her DS. So I told her that we needed to leave, she never uttered a word and we both walked outside. When we were on the interstate I noticed that we were still not speaking, my mind was racing a million miles per hour, and I looked over at her and she was still playing her video game without a care in the world. I took a deep breath and tried to relax a little.

We signed in at the desk upon arriving, and of course I had to fill out her whole life history. She finally put her game away, I turned the papers in, and we sat and talked until they called her name. I saw one of the counselors/nurses (Barbara) for Camp Bluebird while we were waiting. She said, “I bet you’re here to see Dr. Goulet.” I said, “No, she is.” And Barbara gave me a strange look and went on.

The nurse called Khrystyne’s name and we went back (again to a strange look) she weighed her and took her blood pressure, gave her a gown and told her that Dr. Goulet was working with an intern today and that he would be in to see her first. (One thing I noticed at this doctor’s office, all of the nurses wore pink scrubs.) So Khrys changed and we waited, this guy comes into the office, he is about 6’ 5’’, he was HUGE! Khrystyne looks over at me with this deer in the headlights look, I kind of had to smile to myself. He sat down and took all of the family history information and then told her that he needed to examine her he checked her left breast, and than her right. Then he told us that Dr. Goulet would be in next. As soon as he walked out of the office Khrystyne said that kind of hurt, he was too rough. I just laughed at her, I think that she was a little embarrassed.

Dr. Goulet came in with the intern and his nurse Carol, and then he examined Khrys, he told us that he thought that she had a Fibroadenoma tumor, and that those are usually benign, but that he wanted to take a needle core biopsy just to make sure. So they called down to have the procedure scheduled, and his nurse stayed behind to let us know that it really wasn’t as bad as it sounded. She explained the procedure to us, and then she asked us where we lived exactly. Come to find out she lives in the same area that we do, and she also has a 17yr old daughter.

About a half hour later the people came into the room for the biopsy. They explained everything that they were going to do, there was one man doctor, one female doctor, and one female nurse, so Khrystyne was once again completely humiliated, and of course the male doctor was the one doing the biopsy. So he numbed her, and started with the first needle. For those of you who have never seen or experienced this they poke the needle in & out, in & out, in & out, in & out, in & out, in & out, when they finally pull it out it looks like it has one drop of blood on the end of the needle which they put on a slide, and then it’s time for needle # 2 repeat all of the above, and then needle # 3, so she had to have 4 needles total.

Luckily they got what they needed the first time and did not have to repeat all of that again. They rushed all of the slides into the next room, and a few minutes later they came back into the room to collect their supplies and told me that Dr. Goulet would be in to give us the results, and then the female doctor smiled at me. So I knew right then that everything was going to be alright, because if it wasn’t she would have been horrified at what she just saw and no way would have been able to smile at me.

Dr. Goulet, the intern and nurse Carol came in as the others were leaving to verify the good news, but told us to keep a close eye on it, if it does grow they will have to take it out just to be safe.

Khrystyne stayed home today because her boob hurt… (That’s her word’s folks) and may I say that I am so very thankful that it turned out for the best. Thank all of you who had our family in your thought’s and prayers. We really needed this one.

These benign tumors are solid lumps of fibrous and glandular tissue. They occur most frequently in women between 18 and 35 and account for nearly all breast tumors in women under 25. Fibroadenomas are not usually tender (although tenderness may be felt just before menstruation), and are generally movable when palpated (rolled with pads of the fingers).


chichimama said...

I am so glad everything is OK. My mom had one when I was little. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw the word.

I'm glad she stayed home today, a little R and R after all that stress is well deserved.

Jaime said...

I found you on Kris Carr's blog. :) I'm on the Young Adult Leadership Council of, and also a stage 0 cervical ca survivor (I just had surgery to remove the cells, no chemo or rtx). Reading your blog, I just wanted to tell you how lucky your daughter is to have you as a mom. I recently found a lump in my right breast (I am almost 27, and a grad student), and my mom had a precancerous lump that was ER+, and numerous biopsies and a lumpectomy. I haven't told her, because I am not that close with parents divorced 11 years ago and I lived with my dad, but even though she lived in the same neighborhood, we didn't really have a relationship. It's better now (we've come a looooong way), but not that close where I feel comfortable telling her about this. I am going for a recheck on tuesday and then possibly an ultrasound. But Khrys is lucky to have you, I'm sure she was glad you were there, even if she didn't say so! ;)
Love your blog! mine is
keep it up!
be well. :)