Monday, November 19, 2007

Rock, Scissors, Laser Gun…

Watching T.V. last week my son came up to me and asked, “Mommy do you want to play rock, scissors, laser gun with me?” of course I had never heard that one before, but he gave me some pointers and we played for ½ hour. Then his older sisters wanted to play with him. He’s so cute.

I was off work almost half of last week, I took Courtney to the doctors on Monday, then on Wednesday, and Thursday I stayed home with Ricky and Breanna, they were both sick. Breanna’s asthma was acting up so I had to take her to see the doctor on Wednesday, which he prescribed more steroids. It took her all summer to lose the weight she gained from the steroid treatment last winter, but the girl has got to breathe. So I guess I’ll be signing her up for soccer next spring.

Courtney on the other hand got a gift from the gym locker room at school in the form of warts on the bottom of her feet. So I took her to get those treated, and also they finally diagnosed my sister who has been sick since June with PCOS. When my mother called to tell me what she had I of course looked it up online and almost symptom for symptom it sounded just like Courtney. So I had the doctor look her over and he believes that she also has PCOS. The first step for someone her age is to be put on birth control. So now my 14 yr old daughter is going on the pill. Oh joy… in a month or two he is going to have some blood work done to see if she needs glucose treatment.

Life is most defiantly a journey; and then you add kids, and the fun never stops!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

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Jaime said...

wow, sounds like things are never boring at your house! Thanks so much for checking up on me, I really appreciate it! :) I love that about blogging and all the wonderful people I've found through my blog. :) Hope all is well with you.....keep writing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!