Thursday, October 11, 2007

What is wrong with me??

I’m having issues… BIG ONES!

The day before yesterday our washer broke (with a load of towels full of water), so last night I hurried home from work stopping by Little Caesars Pizza so that the kids could have dinner real quick while I got the laundry out to the van. The hydraulic arm on the back hatch went out so I couldn’t put the laundry in the back of the van, so I had to load all of the laundry inside. Immediately that put a limit on how many children I could take with me. So I left Khrystyne home to watch the two younger children who were crying and throwing a huge fit because they know there is a play room at this particular Laundromat, and they really wanted to come. Courtney and I left at 6:30 stopped by the bank and went straight there at 9:15 we were wrapping things up, and not a moment too soon because I was in some major pain. We stopped by the gas station and Wal-Mart (for cough drops) and went straight home by then it was 10:00. I told Rick and Khrystyne they had to help Courtney carry in all of the laundry because physically I couldn’t do anymore if I tried. I sat down in the recliner and at 2:00 this morning I woke up and looked over on the couch and Rick was asleep as well so I woke him up and we headed upstairs with sheets in hand and had to make our bed at 2am. I set the alarm and was asleep in a minute, but when that alarm went off at 5am to get the kids up for school I couldn’t even MOVE!! I had to wake Rick up so that he could get the two older girls up for school. It seriously felt like I had been hit by a truck, when Rick got back into bed he kissed me on top of my head and it actually hurt. What the hell is wrong with me?? It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get out of bed, when I can usually get right up. I’m at work now but my whole body hurts, I’m nauseated, and my head is pounding. This is NOT normal. I only did the laundry…

Today after our Thursday morning meeting here at work I was on my way back up to my desk and I realized that I forgot to send our commissions and payroll worksheets up to our Corporate office on Monday (this is Thursday) as soon as I realized it and started working on them, my Branch Manager approached me about it. I told him that I had forgotten??? I called our corporate accountant and let her know. My memory is getting sooo bad… when I took my chemo the nurses and doctor told me that I had chemo brain, but now 11/2 years after my last chemo treatment my short term memory SUCKS!!! My husband probably thinks that he is the luckiest man alive, because he can screw up and go to apologize again and I’ll be like, “What are you talking about, oh yeah I forgot about that.” So there is no throwing things up in his face during a fight because a year/month/week or even days later I totally forget all about it.

I’ll be working at Light The Night here in Indianapolis on Saturday, just as a volunteer (I’ll be the one passing out balloons) I waited too long to raise funds but at least I’m doing something to help out.

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