Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Rick with his cousin and her baby.
He doesn't look like he's pushing 300 lbs.

I volunteered on Saturday for Light the Night, my daughter and I inflated at least 750 balloons ourselves, the total goal was 4000… Anyways, I couldn’t take the two younger children with me (Rick was at work, and Khrys was at a party) so I took them to my sisters house, she lives right down the street from Victory Field where the event was going on.

When we went to pick them up from my sisters house. Holly said, "Do you remember when you were a kid and you would tell other kids," "My daddy can beat up your daddy!” I said, “Yeah” she said that she had went into the house to get some sting (her and the kids were making a scarecrow) she had a little girl at her house from down the block, and when she came back out she over heard the following conversation:

Desiree: This is full, pushing on the stomach of the scarecrow. It’s fat like my daddy!

Breanna: My daddy is fatter than your daddy!!!

Then yesterday Ricky and Breanna went to my mothers after school because they had a ½ day of school. Somehow they got into a conversation with my mother about weight, when Ricky informed her that his daddy almost weighs ZERO! Breanna was in agreement. My mother called me laughing hysterically telling me what they said. I guess it’s all about how you perceive it.

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