Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Friday night I had a lot of running around to do it was my daughters 17th birthday, and she had plans to go to the movies with about 40 of her friends. So with a van load of teenagers and little Ricky, I dropped off six teenagers at the local movie theater, and me and Ricky headed off to get our hair cut.

We signed in upon arrival and took a seat. There was one other patron (a man) sitting across from us. It was the first minute that I had to myself all afternoon and I realized that Ricky hadn’t given me a kiss when I came home from work, which is usually an everyday thing.

So I said, “Hey, you haven’t given mommy a kiss yet, give me a kiss.”

He stiffened up like a board, looking straight ahead, and he whispers, Not now, I’ll give you a kiss later.”

At this moment I’m totally in shock. He is five years old and embarrassed to give his mother a kiss.

Me: Richard, give your mother a kiss.

Ricky: (whispers) I’ll give you a kiss later, and looks over at the man sitting across from us.

Me: You don’t love mommy anymore?

Ricky: (whispers) I do love you, but I’ll kiss you later.

So the man’s name is called and he goes in the back for his haircut, and I say, “Okay, he is gone now give me a kiss!” He looks left, he looks right, and then he gives me a quick peck. What the heck is that all about??

Now it begins… My baby is growing up. I guess I still have grandchildren to look forward to. But he’s my baby:(

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