Friday, September 07, 2007

There's a lot going on this week...

Some very interesting things have been going on lately. Last week I was turning onto the street that leads to my work and some guy ran a red light and hit me, turning me sideways into oncoming traffic. He is of course claiming that I ran the red light (which I most certainly did not) he is all of 20 years old and I’m sure his insurance rates are already through the roof, and he just didn’t want to get into trouble. He did however tell the first policeman on the scene that he was running late for school. My insurance company is getting my van fixed in the meantime and they will work it out with them later.

My best friend moved to Florida last week, I’m pretty bummed out about that, especially the fact that I won’t be able to see Shelby turn “1”. Hopefully by this time next year we will be able to relocate to Florida ourselves. We just want a fresh start. The only reason that we came back to Indiana in the first place was because Rick’s mother was sick, but since she passed away last year we really don’t have a reason to stay here. That... and Me and Ange will never live apart…

Now for some of you that are following the story of what would you do? Some very interesting things have come to light. Joann’s husband had insisted since day one that Ashley was lying and offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Ashley’s mother called Joann and insisted that he and Ashley both take a lie detector test to find out the truth. And of course this has been very hard on Joann because they have been married for 11 years and she wants to believe that he would not do something like that because they have two young sons together. So one day she called her husband up at work and told him to meet her downtown at the police station for the lie detector test no warning nothing just meet me in 20 minutes. So he met her down there, they talked to a detective down there and he told them since the other family had not yet filed a police report and there was no court order for a lie detector test that they would have to cover the $500.00 fee which Joann handed straight over, because in her words, “I can’t let him stay another minute in my house until I know the truth.” So they asked him and her both questions and gave him the test which amazingly enough he PASSED!! Many people were extremely shocked by this, but apparently there was more to the story. Ashley has been sexually active, and her mother confronted her about it and told her that if she took her to the doctor and found out that she was lying that she would put her through a wall, so Ashley being scared (and who wouldn’t be) threw out Joann’s husbands name so that she would not get into trouble. Anyways after the results of the lie detector test were known Ashley’s mother called Joann and told her that those test were never right, and that she knows that he did this, so Joann told her sister to take Ashley down for a lie detector test which she initially refused to do. They finally filed a police report, and took her down for a lie detector test (which they won’t release the results due to the ongoing investigation) but her mother claims that she passed it as well. So they scheduled Joann’s husband to come back down and take a voice stress test, which he is going to do. To top it all off they went to Joann’s child’s school to interview him about his dad and Ashley, which is really the sad thing he is only in the third grade and now he is all mixed up in possibly getting his daddy into trouble. Hopefully they will know something soon.

My husband is in Ohio for the weekend for a race, and my mother is keeping the two younger children tonight so me and the two teenaged girls are going out to eat, and out to see a show tonight kind of a girls night out. I was just thinking, maybe my husband should go out of town more often.

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