Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What would you do?

I’m not going to mention real names today, but I know a woman we'll call her Joann who has been with her husband Asshole for the better part of 10 years. In the past his fidelity has come into question (we all know that he has cheated on her, but unless she sees it for herself she won’t believe it.) Anyways this past week her 17 year old niece Ashley told her mother and step-father that she has had an ongoing affair with Joann's husband for the past year and a half (which if you are doing the math that would put her at 15 years old when it started) she told them that she has slept with him numerous times in Joann & Assholes house, even in their bed, and once Joann was even there herself but was asleep in the other room. Ashley has been babysitting for them and apparently has been doing more than just watching the children all this time. Of course Joann does not believe Ashley, she thinks that Ashley is just trying to start trouble, but Ashley’s parents and other aunts all think it’s very true. Now here is the question… If this was your child what would you do? Her parents have only mentioned it to the aunt, as of yet they have not called the police, and they are not sure what they are going to do.

Here is what would happen if one of my children came home and told that they had had an affair with my sister’s husband since the age of 15.

1. I would call my husband home immediately.
2. We would go over to my sister’s house to confront her and her husband.
3. I would turn my husband loose on the ass hole and let him beat him to a bloody pulp.
4. We would call the police to prosecute.
5. I would go downtown to bail my husband out of jail. (because you know he’d be going too)
6. I would call my sister to see if she needed help packing, because if she did not leave him immediately I would go over there and beat her ass as well.

Now, What would you do?


glassmermaid said...

Wow he diffently needs his ass BEAT! and I think I would do it myself. For one thing tell Ashley is was not an affair it was abuse. My question is now why doesn't your sister believe it is true????

glassmermaid said...

sorry I think I write the comments twice new at this blog thing. I see up ahead you have to view them first. again very sorry to hear what you wrote! I like your web page.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

7. I would get my daughter tested for every STD they could test for. Hell, there would be enough of Asshole's DNA on my husband to compare samples.