Friday, August 17, 2007

School's In (for some)

This has been a pretty busy week. The kids went back to school this week, my baby started kindergarten… It sucks to let them grow up, my husband has had serious issues this week knowing that Ricky is our last child, and now he is off and running. Ricky barley has time for us now; it’s all about his friends when he comes home. I guess it’s inevitable, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve included a few pictures of his first day of school…

Here he is getting on the bus...

Telling his dad about his day...

Daddy is the one who needed the hug:)

Not even five minutes in the door, and he's out!!

My nephew on his first day of school got expelled…

How’d he manage to do that you might ask?

Well he has a severe learning disability (he had seizures for years, before they got him on the right medication) so he has been held back several times and of course he gets picked on I’m sure. He apparently did not want to go back to this school so during first period he drew a picture of himself shooting the teacher and then passed it around, and of course someone showed the teacher (as they well should have) and she called security and they called my sister to come pick him up. They let her know that he was never allowed to come back to that school, and they are looking into wither or not they are going to press criminal charges against him. Long story short my sister and her husband are looking into getting him psychiatric help now.

(I personally would beat his butt for that little stint…) because now he has what he has wanted all along, not to have to go to school. He is only 15 years old. I would be looking into an alternative school for him, because I definitely would not let him off of the hook that easily.

I took the kids to the Zoo a few weeks ago, and of course it was hot. So I let the two youngest ones bring their swim suits, because our zoo has a small water park for the kids to cool off in. It is just quick bursts of water coming up out of the ground. Right when we were getting ready to leave Breanna bent down to pick up a leaf and a shot of water got her right in the eye, so I brought her over to where I was (because she was crying of course) and when she tried to open up her eye blood started coming out of it. I made her shut it really quick, and took off to the first aid station. By the time we got there and the person in the office called for assistance it had stopped bleeding of course. But man talk about a parent being sacred…..

A Picture from that ill fated day.

I’m planning on going back to the cancer retreat this fall. I’m going to try to be a little more open minded about it, because it is nice to be around other people with similar experiences. So that’s on the calendar for the end of September. Now I just have to break the news to Rick. Last year I ended up going home early because he was so miserable, but then again his mother had just died. So I understand.

I also have my bi-monthly cancer check up on Monday, hopefully still good news.

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