Saturday, August 11, 2007


Knock… Knock… Knock…

I open the bedroom door slowly, after all its 6:00 in the morning.

Khrystyne: You need to come to my room right now!

As soon as she turns her back to me I already know that something has happened. Upon arriving in her room there is black smudging all over her bed sheets and her pillow. As she reaches down to the floor to pick up a letter.

Khrystyne: I don’t know what that is, but read this letter.

Myself: Well I can tell you what it is, it’s permanent marker they wrote something on your back, turn around and let me see.

She turns around and there is a big smiley face and the word LOSER!! On her back, so I relay that to her and as she turns around I see a big L on her cheek. At this point Khrystyne is livid… As I read the letter:


That’s wat you get 4 eating Courtney’s hamburger!

The Kitty

The night before Khrystyne ate the last hamburger and it pissed Courtney and her friend Angel off. So of course me and the girls had it out before I left for work and when we got home last night here is a list of things that they had to do:

Pull all of the river rocks out of two small flower beds.

Pull all of the weeds out of all of the flower beds.

Clean the kitchen.

And write a letter of apology to Khrystyne.

Here’s a copy of Angel’s letter:

Dear Khrys,

Sorry for putting marker on your face. It should come off easy. We just were being stupid and Courtney wanted to do it so we die becuz you ate her hamburger. Hey we didn’t know that you were gonna sweat at night so much! But yeah were truleyy sorry please please forgive me. We wont mess with you again… KK… Sorry…..lly!


And here is the copy of Courtney’s letter:

Dear Khrystyne,

Sorry about last night…
It was very mean, and we should not have done it!
But I told you not to eat my hamburger!
But Sorry! And why do you sweat so much in your sleep?
And it was washable marker so it should come off!
So Sorry,

Now does it truly sound like those girls are sorry to you??? Me either…

I called Angel’s mother in Florida to let her know what our darling daughters did, and she is going to be in some hot water when she gets home, as a matter of fact so is Courtney. Until she offers a real apology to her sister.

I brought both girls to work with me this morning so that they could clean my office, since I thought that the letters sucked.

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