Friday, July 27, 2007

I know, I know

Shelby is now crawling
Ricky at the lake

I’ve got to get back into writing more often. I can’t explain it away except to say that I am lazy.

My husband stopped by to see his grandmother last night and before he could even get through the door his niece Hannah stopped him and informed him that mommy and Darren (her boyfriend) have been fighting once again. When he got inside his grandmother told him that Hannah was staying with her, because Shannon’s boyfriend finally kicked her out, because of her wanting to go to the bar’s ALL OF THE TIME!! So now we do not know where Shannon is staying, but her son is staying with his dad, and of course Hannah is staying with Granny (who will be 91 years old in a week!!)

Ricky is getting really excited about school, although one day he can’t wait and the next day he doesn’t want any part of it. I think that is normal for any kid starting a new chapter in their life. We went shopping last weekend and he was excited to see Fruit Loops & Frosted flakes (both favorites of my husbands) he started jumping up and down and asked his dad, “Daddy can I have some Frosted Frakes?” Can you tell I don’t buy junk cereal often?

Courtney will be in High School with her sister this year, I can not tell you how old that should make me feel. But some days it seems like I just got out of high school myself. I know that I have lived a whole lifetime since then, but it just doesn’t seem that long ago.

Breanna is excitedly telling Ricky what to expect from school, and she has already told him that he can sit on the bus with her and her friend until he makes his own friends. So all that’s left is going to the schools to pick up books and pay book rental, which for us this year with four kids in school is going to be $492.96. Just to pay book rental now. That doesn’t include clothes, supplies, or lunches.

Ange’s little girl is crawling, and pulling her self up now. It won’t be much longer until she is walking. She’ll be one in September. Time really flies; before we know it she will be starting school.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Where do I start???

I have had one busy month. First off, the pilot program that my work had set up the first of this year did not work out so now I am back at a much calmer work environment. (YEAH!!) My stress level has gone down so far, I’m so much calmer. So that’s a good thing.

My sister went into the hospital last month, she was soooo sick. They had no idea what was wrong with her; her red blood count was down to 1. She couldn’t eat anything; they thought that she had some sort of cancer. So they started blood work and did two bone marrow biopsies. But they could not figure out what was wrong with her. In the meantime her husband was taking care of four kids from the age of 2-15. The second night that Rachel was in the hospital, Bill could not breathe so they had to call an ambulance for him, and they admitted him. The pastor and his wife live down the street so they went and got the kids. The next day my mother kept calling me saying that she couldn’t get an answer from Bill’s room, so later that afternoon she called me hysterical saying that she spoke to a nurse and they had Bill on life support, but wouldn’t tell her anything else. So I had to leave work and go see what was going on. A very long story short they couldn’t pin point what my sister has (although now they are testing her for colon cancer, because her blood counts still suggest that she has cancer) (I told my mother that it is odd that she has two daughters that have been diagnosed with cancer at the exact same age?), and Bill finally came around. Two days later they discharged them both (he only has 17% function of his heart, so he really has to be careful).

Rick, Courtney, Ricky & Breanna at his dad's grave

We took our yearly trek up to Michigan to visit my husband’s family; first we stopped at the cemetery to visit his father, uncle, and grandparents graves. Then we spent four days with his aunt and her family, his other aunt and her family came up, his brother and his family, his step-mom and her boyfriend, his cousin and his family etc… So as you can well imagine we had a lot of children running around. It wasn’t that bad though. The first night they had their fireworks off of Lake St. Clair, on Sunday we went to the parade, and then we went to the fair, On Monday we went to Canada via boat it was really nice. On Tuesday we left Michigan and went home, rested Wednesday, on Thursday we took the kids to Kings Island, and on Friday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. So the kids can never say that we didn’t take them anywhere during their vacation.

Breanna & Ricky @ the Indianapolis Zoo

I’ve already started getting school supplies for next month, and my son finally starts kindergarten so I bought Ricky his first back pack. Yesterday while he was at my mothers house he remembered the back pack and started telling her all about it, and she said well why do you need a back pack? (Just teasing with him) and Ricky replied, “DUHH, because I’m going to start kindergarten STUPID!!” she of course had to explain to him that it is not nice to call grandma a Stuipd. I told my mother; well I guess he has my attitude. (Isn’t that funny?)