Monday, April 09, 2007

Well I’m finally up and running.

Breanna is doing much better; she and Ricky are now playing soccer. Their first game is this weekend. Ricky is a real natural he is only four but he is picking it up very nicely. Breanna is a little uncoordinated, but she really loves it.

I went for my check-up today with Dr. Cripe, my blood work was better that it has been in months. I’m officially eighteen months in remission, I’d hate to jinks myself but I’m really excited that I’m only six months away from two years. (Five years remission is considered cured for my form of cancer; although it could still come back) Rick came with me today for my appointment (especially after what the doctor said during my last check-up). I told Dr. Cripe today that I have been extremely tired this last month (I can go to the grocery store and be totally wiped out). At first he gave a look to his nurse Katie, and then he suggested that it could be due to me being overweight, and maybe I might have sleep apnea. I have done enough research to know that it is cancer related fatigue. I’m not just tired, I fell bone weary tired.

Work is still crazy; we are growing so fast we cannot add people fast enough. They have made me office manager so now it is my problem. I have to do my own work, plus interview, and train as well. They don’t pay me enough for everything that I do. My husband reminds me of that every chance that he gets.

We are currently planning our 4th of July trip to Michigan (to visit family); if I handle the trip ok we may stop at Cedar Point on the way back for the day. We are also planning our family vacation for next summer to Washington D.C., and then to Bush Gardens (it will be our 1st real family vacation since 2003).

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B said...

Glad to hear that your blood work went well. It's good to hear from you!