Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Soccer Mom

Yesterday was very interesting at work; I didn’t think that I would get nearly as much work completed as I did, but for the most part it got done.

We took Breanna for her Soccer pictures last night she was happy just to wait her turn and hang out with her team. I’m pretty sure that we will have another social butterfly on our hands (which is not necessarily a good thing) Courtney can pull straight A’s if she wanted to but we are lucky if she brings home B’s and C’s, and at least one grading period she will be nice to us and bring home straight F’s.

Ricky will go for his pictures on Wednesday night (the same time that Breanna is supposed to be at soccer practice) so we will see how that one works out. We got him a new Spiderman t-shirt over the weekend and last night was the first time that we managed to get it off of him. I swear he wore it three days in a row (and yes he did bathe in between then, he just insisted on putting that shirt back on) He loves to get new clothes, and shoes I think more so than Breanna does. He is real funny about what he doesn’t like though, if he doesn’t like it you are not going to make him wear it.

My husband went through some of Judy’s things yesterday (his mother) and he finally got all of those boxes out of our bedroom. They have been there since September; it’s nice to have our bedroom back. I tried not to complain about it, but this weekend I finally asked when we were going to put them up. (We have a storage closet.) Anyways he took the hint and put everything away, so now I guess it’s my turn. I made some boards for her funeral with pictures of her and the family, Rick asked me if I was ever going to put those pictures back in the albums and I have been putting it off so I’d better get to that this weekend. I still think about her all of the time, we had been friends for 17 years and I really miss her. Rick is doing much better, but some days he still has a hard time.

Well it’s time to get ready for work, more later…

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