Sunday, April 15, 2007

The week in review...

Breanna & Ricky

It’s been a busy week, I called in sick on Monday (I must have eaten something bad on Easter.) I worked Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then I had to leave to go to the emergency room. Tuesday night I noticed some knots in my legs that were painful, it hurt to walk, sit, lay you name it. I called my doctor’s office on Wednesday morning to see if I could be seen, and she told me to go straight to the emergency room. So I spent most of the day there getting an ultra-sound on my legs to see if I had blood clots once again. They gave me some medicine and sent me home with an excuse for work allowing me to stay home on Thursday as well. (Now I’ve used 3 of my 6 sick days in one week!) Thursday I got up in time to put Breanna on the bus (Rick took Ricky to my mothers before he went to work) I came back home and went to bed, my phone was beeping around noon. So I got up and turned it off, ate lunch and went back to bed until the girls got home from school. So I pretty much wasted a whole day off. But I truly did feel like shit.

We are going to be short handed at work again next week; our new girl is going for new hire training. After being told that CSR’s no longer had to attend, she went behind my back and talked to the branch manager about really wanting to go, she felt that she could benefit from the training. (It’s more of a technicianl training, for our service technicians) So now she is getting to go because she batted her eyes at him a few times. When I came back to work on Friday I was made fully aware that she had not been completing her work, from the other CSR’s. So as soon as she came in I told her that when she was logged into the system to let me know, that we needed to go over a few things. So when she was ready I let her know that the work that she had not completed for the WHOLE MONTH was the exact reason that we had let the previous person go to begin with… And I let her know in a not so nice way that it was not in her best interest to go behind my back to get her way. She has to work with me, and normally I’m a very nice person, laid back, easy going, but you do not want to be on my bad side, because I’ll admit it I can be the biggest bitch ever and I’ll make it to where you WANT to quit… So we will see how she works out over the next few weeks, I think I made my point though because before she left she made sure that her work was caught up and completed.

We have been interviewing for two weeks now, and still not one person has come on board. We are getting into our busy season, and I am already doing about four people’s jobs, and next week I can add Stacy’s work load on top of that. We are going to hire three more full time people and 1 part time person. So hopefully this time next month my stress level will be much lower. Because honestly as it stands now I’m ready to look for another job; I have to work six days a week and almost every single day I work over. I know that I am the office manager, but damn I need some time off for myself and my family. The kids haven’t seen their grandpa Jim since Christmas. Now that’s sad. Honestly some days I feel that I could be making myself sick again by pushing myself so hard.

Ricky and Breanna’s soccer games were canceled yesterday, it was raining sleet… IN APRIL… It has been cold for the past few weeks; most of Breanna’s practices have been canceled due to the weather, last week Rick took her to practice and it started raining real hard and then the tornado sirens went off. So they took off running to the van and apparently they were not just going off for no reason we had a couple of tornado’s touch down.

It’s just been a really crazy week, and to top it off I’ll be turning 35 years old this coming Friday. But in another perspective this will be my second birthday since being diagnosed with cancer, when initially I didn’t think that I was going to make it through treatment. So it is a great thing, and I am truly thankful for being her another year; I’m just not happy that I will be officially chasing the big 40 because I don’t feel that old yet.

Me and Rick just celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary on April the 7th, time flies when you are having fun... I feel that I have truly married my best friend. He takes such good care of me and the kids and I am truly blessed to have him in my life. I love you baby.

Khrystyne will be going to prom with a group of friends on the 28th, and then they will be going to Kings Island with the school after that. Just a few more years and she will be grown. (I can’t wait)

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