Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bits N Pieces

This past week has been interesting, I’ve pretty much either had to work late, take kids to soccer or pick Khrystyne up from work. So it’s been pretty busy. On Saturday Breanna and Ricky had their first soccer game; Breanna had hers at noon, and Ricky had his at 2:45 so after her game we just hung out at the park until it was time for his game. I think that may have been a huge mistake. It was the first really nice day out and I left my sunscreen at home, so needless to say we all got too much sun especially me, my face and arms are burnt. (Breanna’s little face was red as could be.) I’m always the one yelling at my sister to make sure that she uses sunscreen on her kids. Oh well, I just didn’t think of it.

We had another person start at work today, I had meetings and planning all day so I had to get a few minutes in with her; and then passed her off to Shirley for the rest of the day. I like to train people on their job first and then slowly show them some other things as they come up. (I’d rather them be good at a few things than to suck at many) I think Shirley showed her a little bit of everything throughout the day. Elizabeth looked totally confused by the end of the day. I assured her that she would not need to know all of that right off the bat. She said, “Good, because the last two hours she’s been talking, but I couldn’t tell you a word she said.” So tomorrow I’m taking my new hire back so she doesn’t get scarred off. I’ve got two more girls starting on Monday, so I’m close to getting fully staffed once again.

Brad (another manager at work) came in and closed the door and said that his wife had just called and told him that she came home early and searched their 16 year old daughter’s room and found drugs. So he left early to go home and deal with that. Of course I took the lead and came home and talked to my two teenage daughters about what had happened. Courtney said I wouldn’t even smoke a cigarette, because you would probably beat me to death. I said, “I would, so don’t try it!!” She started laughing I gave her a quick glance and she shut up really quick; I said, “I’m not kidding, you’d better never.” Thankfully I don’t think that I have anything to worry about just yet, but I still keep a look out, but then again they are teenagers and have absolutely no sense what-so-ever.

Khrystyne called me Friday night to come pick her up from work around 8:00pm (I had come home from work and went straight to bed, I wasn’t feeling well) so I had Rick to go pick her up. Just after he left she called me crying, this woman (31yrs old) has been giving Khrys a hard time at work. She used to be the librarian at Khrystyne’s school until she was fired, and now she works one night a week at the pizza place. Anyways she is always making rude bitchy comments to Khrystyne and giving her dirty looks. Well on Friday she was talking about Khrystyne right in front of her, and then started telling the manager that Khrys was not doing her job etc… Long story short she got the best of Khrystyne on Friday and she called me crying. I wasn’t feeling well anyways so I called Rick and asked him where he was he was just pulling into the parking lot. I told him that he needed to get inside and find out what the f**k was going on (and I hurried up and filled him in) so he went inside to get Khrys, and the manager came outside to talk to Rick about what was going on, Rick kept asking Khrys to let him know what had happened so that Matt could take care of if, but Khrystyne wouldn’t talk to him (she is really shy, and really doesn’t speak up for herself.) so Matt went back inside and of course Khrystyne started spilling her guts about what had happened. When she was almost done she looked up and said there she is. (Jill had thought that Rick and Khrystyne had already left) So Rick went up and confronted her, and then he let her know that she is a grown ass woman and if she has a problem with a sixteen year old that she could take it up with him. So she ran back inside and yelled, “Matt you need to get up here right NOW!” Rick said, “Yeah Matt you do need to get up here.” He said, “I’ll tell you just what I told her and repeated everything that he had told Jill” and then he left. By then I had already been filled in as to what the bitch had to say and I was more than awake at that point and half tempted to go up there myself. Khrystyne was upset that her dad said something, but I told her, “Your dad is right; she can pick on a sixteen year old girl that hasn’t found her voice, but lucky for you your mom & dad have both already found theirs and she will think twice before she opens her mouth up to you again, because next time I will snatch that bitch bald headed.” To say the least the conversation got a little heated, but what can you expect.

Khrystyne has a world cultures club program at school this Thursday, so we are going to that, and then she has to baby sit this Friday. Saturday she has Prom, and Sunday they are all going to Kings Island. So she already has this weekend off, so her and this woman at work will have another week to cool off. But we’ll see how that goes.

Well this is getting lengthy so I’d better go for now.

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