Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BCBS = A-holes

Can I express my huge dislike for American Blue Cross Blue Shield?? I have a friend here at work that has been recently diagnosed with liver cancer; he received a letter from our friends at BCBS letting him know that he no longer has coverage through them because this is considered a preexisting condition… (Say what? For those who don’t know Liver cancer is a fast moving, deadly cancer that you really cannot hide for almost a whole year.)
Also my friend over at the Cancer Blog has had many issues with BCBS in getting the tests that his doctors deem medically necessary. There’s nothing like money hungry corporations; that are willing to take your money until you actually have a need for their service.

On much lighter news isn’t Shelby the cutest thing, she is already six months old. Now which one should we call the plumber for??

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Mom of Three said...

It's not just Blue Cross. Our whole medical system is imploding, and they people in charge are trying to make every last penny they can before it completely goes under.

I don't know what it will be replaced with, but if we can put a man on the moon, we should be able to figure out a better way to deliver care to everyone.