Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patricks Day

How pitiful is that?

Before Surgery

Me & Breanna

Just checking in again, still extremely busy with work. I should have my decision made on which internet service I’m going with by next month. I’ve got to get the best deal you know. I hate that I haven’t been able to keep this posted, health wise I’m still doing pretty well, I’ve got my pain under control once again, but I do have to go for an ultrasound next Thursday something in there is swollen and tender. Hopefully everything will come back alright.

The kids are all doing fine, we are thinking about getting a puppy within the next month, my mom’s neighbor has two Rottweilers and they just had a litter of puppies. They are kind of unique, most Rottweilers have brown eyes, but these have some brown, some blue, and some one brown one blue. He is going to sell it to my mom for a brown eyed one $50 and a blue eyed one $100 (they are friends). Breanna (my 7 yr old) was told how much they cost and she thought about it for a minute and said well what if it has one brown eye and one blue eye will it cost $150? (Isn’t that cute?)

Breanna had her tonsils taken out last Monday, she will get to go back to school this coming Monday. It was a little rough on her the first few days, but she is doing much better. The doctor said that her adenoids were blocking 50% of her airway. (They took her tonsils out because of her asthma) She has not taken her asthma medication this whole week!!! Hopefully that will help and maybe even eliminate her asthma problem. We’ll see next fall when it starts getting cold again.

Well I’m headed home. Hope you are all doing well.