Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm still here

It’s been awhile since I last updated; my new work place monitors everything that we do. I did get a computer this past week but am still undecided as to which provider that I am going to go with. So once that’s decided I should start posting regularly within the next few weeks.

Everyone at home is doing well, growing big, and getting restless… We’ve had a pretty big snow storm this past week which left us stranded at home for a couple of days, which was just fine by me, because of course I’ve caught yet another cold.

I went for a check up with my oncologist this past Monday (and Rick decided that he wanted to tag along for kicks & giggles) while Dr. Cripe was asking me how things were going he made the following statement:

“Every time we see your name come up we all hold our breaths until we get your results!” “Especially since your counts dropped so low the last time!” (Which all he told me last time was that everything looked good.) “We’ll feel much better when you get a couple more years remission under you belt”

So immediately I received the death look from Rick, you could see exactly what he was thinking, “Why didn’t you tell me!!!” (I swear I didn't know)

All in all though my results came back just fine; when I came to work on Thursday I pulled out my past six months blood results and every month with the exception of one my blood counts have gotten lower and lower. I guess that explains why I’ve been feeling so tired lately. So I guess I’ll just continue to hold my breath for the next couple of years.

My cousin called me last night (with great news, please notice the sarcasm) she has not been feeling well lately, I guess she had went to the hospital and they referred her to a specialist they ran some test and guess what??? She has stage three uterine cancer! She is one year younger than I am. So on the 27th of this month she will be going in for a hysterectomy, the doctor thinks that it is all contained within her uterus, and they will be checking to make sure. Hopefully she will not need to have Chemo (the doctor seems to be confident that they will not need to)

I had to go out and get a new van this week (BOO!! I just finished up payments in September on my other one) The heads were leaking on my van and I was going to have to put another motor in it, honestly enough it was about to go anyways it had over 160,000 miles on it. I like the new van alright, but I was more comfortable with my other one. Plus did I mention “IT WAS PAID FOR!”

Well I was just informed by my boss to lock up shop and head home, because IT’S SNOWING! AGAIN!!! I saw five accidents on my way to work this morning if I saw one, and my boss is currently sitting on I-65 and has been for the past hour due to a huge accident up there.