Friday, January 12, 2007

Systems are down… Yeah!!!

Breanna blowing out her birthday candles
(and Ricky trying to help)

This week has been an interesting one, it is super busy at this location and my body is just not into it. I’ve went home almost every day for two weeks and almost immediately fallen asleep. I’ve decided to give it another month and if I just can’t adjust I’m just going to start looking for another job. I’ve had to take morphine pills almost every day this past week, because I’ve been in so much pain. Like I said one more month…

My husband has a lead on a new job and has and interview next Monday. It is for a supervisor position, he sounds pretty excited. Hopefully it works out for us. If he ends up taking it I will have to change my hours to 9-6 which I’m not thrilled about, but if he makes more money I’ll do it.

Breanna’s actual birthday was last night, we got her a small cake and some ice cream, I got her a new pair of pajamas and a new pair of jeans, and we all gave her, her birthday spankings. She just giggled and giggled.

Courtney is staying the weekend with my sister (she is getting ready to move) so I’ll have one less kid this weekend. I’m taking Khrystyne to the DMV tomorrow to get her a state ID, and then to the bank to open her very first checking account. (How exciting)

Well I hope you all have a good weekend.

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