Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunny Days

Well I saw something yesterday that I had not seen in quite sometime; it brought a smile to my face because the encounters are so few and far between… The sun was out yesterday, and not a cloud in the sky. Truly it has been six weeks since we haven’t had a dreary gray day here in Indiana. Every year they put out a top 10 list for most depressed states and Indiana is always in the top ten, we also make it onto the top 10 list for Obesity as well. (I wonder why?) I literally had to hunt for my sunglasses so that I could drive home yesterday. It was still cold outside but who cares it was sunny.

I took Ricky out to lunch yesterday afternoon, and then we dropped by Rick’s work to bring him some lunch. He was sooo dirty, he’s a diesel mechanic so that’s just par for the course, but man he was dirty. I’m glad he takes a shower before coming home. After that we went over to Ange’s house to visit with her and the baby, and then we headed home. I guess I wore the little guy out because he was asleep before we made it to the interstate.

The girls came home form school, and I took Khrystyne up to a local pizza place for her very 1st interview, and may I say she is her mother’s daughter 1st interview ever and she gets hired. She starts her new job this Friday. She is so excited… As am I, because now all of the, “Mom, I need $20, I need $10, I need $45!” mom can say, “You have a job, pay for it yourself.” I initially didn’t realize that her newfound freedom would result in a (little) financial freedom for myself… YEAH!!

So here’s to Sunny Days and children taking their first steps towards becoming adults!!!

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