Wednesday, December 13, 2006

T.V. Anyone

After posting yesterday while still here at work my mother called screaming into the phone,

“I was in the kitchen just getting started on making dinner; I didn’t know what they were doing in there.”

(Screaming in the background from both of my youngest children.)

Me: What happened?

Mom: I was in the kitchen…

Me: What, What, What!

Mom: The dresser fell over on top of Ricky!

Me: I’m leaving right now!

I go pick up my purse and my keys, run back to the manager’s office told him what happened and left.

I called her in the car on the way.

Me: Are they OK?

Everything is quite in the background

Mom: Yeah, their fine.

Me thinking to myself I’m going to kill her. She has a tendency of over exaggerating...

Me: What happened?

Mom: Well I just started making dinner (I think I already know this part!!) and they were in my bedroom watching cartoons. (Ricky decided that he wanted to watch Animal Planet and so he climbed up the knobs on the dresser and it and the T.V. fell over on not only him but Breanna as well.) When I ran in there they were both pinned down on the bed and they were both holding up the T.V. (which is not a little T.V. by the way) I pushed up the T.V. and the dresser so they could get out. Ricky’s legs were pinned down under the dresser and Breanna has a bump on her head from where the T.V. hit her.

Me: Does she need to go to the hospital?

Mom: I don’t know, but Ricky is fine he is walking around eating gummy worms.

So I go to her house to pick the kids up, and Breanna still has a good sized knot on her head this morning, but they’ll be fine.

Sometimes I just want to scream… I wish that we could live off of one income so that I could stay home with the kids. Rick and I have discussed selling our house and moving into an apartment so that I could do just that, but I promised Khrystyne that we would not move again until she graduated from high school. (She was an Army brat, and had to change schools almost every year until Jr. High)

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